[Feedback topic]: Live Server Update - 11.07.2019 (Force to version 5.1)

Official topic: Live Server Update - 11.07.2019 (Force to version 5.1)

Hello everybody,

we have just performed our Force Server Update for version 5.1.0.


  • Hidden Treasures have been activated
  • Runes have been activated
  • +1 Castle Gate Level
  • Pearl Upgrade unlock levels have been lowered
  • A new Pro Dragon Set is available in the Pro-Shop

Enjoy the new features!


After updating here, I again have to download in-game?.. Since this last update, being a mobile user, I had to download it thrice… LOL!!! Too much waste of time…

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Yup, same thing happened to me.

Is this a bug on the Google store… or on the game itself? :thinking:

Neither… It’s not a bug at all… It’s something else…

I think I understand it, but I don’t know how well to explain…

You going to update the facebook version today or what? Really hate playing games on mobile so facebook gameroom is my primary avenue of play. All I get is the below window and clicking it does nothing.

After updating to version 5.1.1 on Android the game doesn’t load. Can’t connect, even though there’s full wifi

Hello, here is the explaination why this regularly happens, when we release a new version :). Hope it helps!

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Well that’s not what happened to me. I played on mobile only AFTER I wasn’t able to get on facebook and linked you that screenshot.

Either way, Why can’t you just update the facebook stuff at the same time like all the other dual platform games I play? Makes no sense to inconvenience your players like this when the solution is simply to uphold the industry standard.