[Feedback Topic] Live Server Update - 17.03.2020

Conversion rate of crystals please? And end date for pro shop?

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End Date for pro shop: 30th March

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They will never be tired to ask same questions over and over again, without any holidays.


A quick search would have been easier:

Sorry, yes big question from players is the conversion rate for crystals… guess no info on that still.


So was this past conquest the last opportunity to get crystals? After that, that’s it? No other way to obtain anymore? l’m 20k short from Nemesis and would hate to lose the chance to obtain this “rare” pet forever.

What will happen to the pets in the Pro shop anyways? No more chances to obtain Phoebes to donate towards the Beast etc.?

Flare should disclose the conversion ratio as soon as they can. After the announcement of conversion ratio People will take their time to analyze what will be the best for them.

More close the announcement gets to mar 30th, less options the players will have.

In case: player want to convert its crystals to gems it should be okay any day.

But if a player want to use up the crystals he needs time for that. Don’t say donate Phoebe to ally. Player should be free to buy chest or phoebe. All he want is a sufficient time before all this. @MishaK


One day is enough to take any decision.
Doubt its worth to hurry up

I had x8 pro-tickets :c

They will be avaliable in events in the future

Oh okay, so crystals will be gone, but the pets will still be obtainable in the future? That’s relieving to hear

Yes items,pets will be obtainable in future