[Feedback topic]: Live Server Update 17.10.19

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when will the pal flute be fixed?

“Firebolt Tower: Suppression” Rune: Increased damage by +50% - there is no info in rune info panel about that there are any damage increase here.

By the way THANKS A LOT 4 the current rune event :slight_smile:

Can we get come info about when this ‘yellow dot’ bug will be repaired?

more informations about the NEW RUNES is needed … damage values for many things … Firebolt Tower: Suppression, Bleed … and some more

the yellow-dot will be fixed in the next game version says madlen

It is not forgotten, we are still looking into it. I will share when there is more information on this. Definitely still expected this year.

Yes, this is not displayed because it is not a value the player can change. But the developers used their developers magic and increased the damage of the Rune itself.

And you are welcome. Hope you enjoy the Rune event.



What’s there to enjoy? Except maybe finding more runes during raids… If we don’t have enough gems to buy the next rune-slot, we certainly don’t have the gems to refresh the runeproduction.

I would enjoy the event a lot more if there was some kind of pearl-discount when forging higher level runes, or if there was a chance to find higher level runes or special runes in the chests during the event


Rune event is awsome. Yes - prices 4 fune slots r insane, i admitt. Still having all 4 slots gives you 40 lev1 runes per day and sometimes you can get more from path tresures. During this event you can get greate amount of runes on paths. It also forces people 2 play :wink:

Oh yes, possible runes drops during raids make people raid more :slight_smile:
But now some aren’t doing warfights anymore because there are no drops during those raids - while that are also raids against ‘real people’…

Do these changes apply to runes which have already been applied to an item?

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Yes. :slight_smile:

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Good move. The +% leadership and damage runes were way too low compared to their fixed amount counterparts.

Excellent, thanks!