[Feedback topic]: Live Server Update 22.08.2019

Hi guys,
Here the feedback topic for yesterdays announcement.

So, where is the feedback topic about the Live Server Update 22.08.2019?
Since there is none so far, I’m question this here on the last one possible.

Here it is. Live Server Update 22.08.2019

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That is the Official one, not the Feedback one. Can not comment on that.

Maybe they don’t want to get feedback of those players which already maximized their cq buildings :wink:


Exactly… They know those will complain.

I wanted to express my insatisfaction of just that. With the new prices, I (that don’t even have all individual buildings maxed out yet) have lost almost over 1.3k gems! Gems that could have been used to help me unlock BS or Inventory slots, improve AT, get new workers, etc…

They come with preposterous prices whenever they launch something and then they have to re-adjust in the future… and those of us that made an effort to use the gems and help the allince at the beggining of CQ (which was a new event that everyone wanted to win and improve) get screwed over big time, cause as I said, those gems could now have been used on something else.

Hey guys,
Here’s the topic now. I also moved your former comments.

I did calculate and those conquest buildings now are 5565 gems in total cheaper. I also already maxed those conquest buildings, but will not even consider to complain.

I consider it a nice gesture for players who didn’t upgrade those conquest buildings yet.


Let’s hope they do the same for the ridiculously overpriced rune-slots soon :wink:
But that will probably only happen after most have bought them…

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Complaints complaints complaints

They doing expensive? Such a greedy FLARE
they doing cheaper? Such bad Flare again

Whats up with you? You never saw the old models of care become cheaper?
Did you ask shops to refund you money after they make sales?

Guys you are strange


Also at top you doenst need this maxed CQ building
I even havent maxed them.

So chill guys

Why are new prices at 745, 1450 and 2950 gems, instead of 750, 1500 and 3000 gems?

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Oh boy , in earnest ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Now you can max them for less gems :+1:

Its useless

Much more better would be if they would make ability to donate like 100000 wisdome by one push

Why have you not maxed yet?

Dude, the #1 priority are still the BS slots. Focus on that first.
Then get runes.
Then get your AT to 1000k and only then worry about your CQ buildings.

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If you are not happy about the complaint, just don’t go on a feedback post, don’t read it, and even more so don’t waste your energy commenting.
First, we can’t even understand what you are saying with “old models of care”.
Second, the sales are part of the game. They happen ever so often and it is something already estabilished, that everybody knows and expects. You using that as an argument is simply shamefull.

That is true. Everyone view this matter in a differente light. That is why we are here expressing our thoughts (some people don’t seem to get that).

Maybe it is a nice gesture for those players that did not maxed the buildings out (I’m one of them). But I would rather have them with even lesser levels and start maxing now than before. As it stands, I feel neglected and “robbed” of over 1k gems, that in my case would come very in hand for other things. =/

They are useless
I spent hundred thousands of stone, wisdome and tropps
Its no matter which level of buildings i have