[Feedback Topic] Live Server Update - 26.03.20

elite not working, as usual with your updates flare…

come on flare, stop messing around pls

and pls reconsider the size of some stuff on the screen, they got too small with the new update.

The stone dragon doesn’t show up and I have noticed that the dragon power bar is not there. Flare, can you please look into this??

The impure paladin is wrong does not become a stone dragón , please check this elite pro that does not work

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The increased chance of getting a level 2 rune in daily chests is good! Does this also apply on the chests you have already collected and have saved? Or only on the chests you will collect from now on?

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Also the ones already collected

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The evil paladins did not turn into dragons.
Please correct it.

The paladin even with pro boost don’t have the “dragon” bar, only the health bar. So indeed it seems that there is an issue there.

No stone dragons here too