[Feedback topic] Live Server Update 27.06.19 - Donkey Nerf, Dragon Buff, Other smaller adjustments

Official topic: Live Server Update 27.06.19 - Donkey Nerf, Dragon Buff, Other smaller adjustments

:crown: Kings and Queens,
We have just performed a Live Server Update.
These were the changes:

:white_check_mark: Fixes:
Fixed: Maximum Gargoyle Tower spawns less Gargoyles than a lower tower.

:arrow_down: Donkey Nerf:
We had a close look at the current Battles fought with Donkey :rr2donkey: . Donkey was too overpowered, giving raiders the possibility to beat high-level level bases with ease, even way above their Hero/Skill level. As discussed in a forum topic starting at the end of April, we have performed the following changes (we added one more change though):

    -(minus) 1 activation per battle and -(minus)2 sec appearance 
    duraction per activation

    -(minus) 0,5 base movement speed from 6 to 5,5.

    Reduced dmg against barricades, blockades and traps.

    Morale Recharge Multiplier - (minus) 10% on all levels.

    Speed multiplier during carrot charge from 1.4 to 1.2
    Strength of Battlecry effect ca. - (minus) 10% on all levels.
    - (minus) 3 seconds Carrot Charge duration from 7sec to 4sec

:arrow_up: Dragon Pal Buff:

  • The Attack range of all Dragon Pals was increased (Eldrak, Nidhogg, Nemesis) to be able to attack Lightning and Firebolt Towers in corners.
  • Additionally, Nemesis’ Dragon Dash Damage was tripled across all levels.

:european_castle: Changes to Armageddon Scroll:
Armageddon Scroll now deals Blunt Damage to make it useful for damaging Towers as well.

Thanks and keep raiding! :crossed_swords:
Your Royal-Revolt 2 team :rr2advisornod:

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I guess we can say that Gargoyle towers got indirectly buffed?

Ouch :grimacing:


How much?
20% reduction is not the same as an 80% reduction.
This needs to be clarified. Players need to be informed to make their choices.

I’m sorry but this doesn’t make sense.
I know the Nemesis Dragon was weak, but overall Nemesis was the strongest pal.
Nemesis was already the strongest pal and also by far the most versatile pal (big army + small army compatible … frosters/pyros combos, paladins combos, archer combos, etc).
It didn’t need any buff.

ps: what about the Nemesis’ Blessing bug? Was it fixed?

This was to fix this bug that was reported.


The Donkey now deals 62.5% less damage to Barricades and 66.66% less damage to Blockades and Traps.

After careful consideration, we feel this was necessary.

If you compare the ability to the bombs, the ability was too week in comparison as per our balancing team. Thank you to the players for sharing your thoughts and feedback. I welcome everyone to join the discussion.

I think you are meaning this here? This was fixed with a LSU on the 23rd of May.

Just ran my first battle after this. Now the donkey is complete garbage. I agree a small nerf was in order. Now he has been castrated like what was done to Ceres. The reduction is too much should have been half of what was done. So tired of enhancing parts of the game to have them rendered useless. Funny I was offered a package with donkeys so now they are trash! Beware wherever is offered as a sale will soon become useless​:rage::rage::rage:


always nice to spend a lot a pal food for nothing… But again not a surprise from fg…
The worst part is that I’m getting use to the “bait and switch” scam… Not a surprise anymore…


Is phebe also affected by Armageddon scroll buff? Or it still stays normal for defence and attack ?

No, only the scroll.


Huge disappointment in these changes. I am starting to see why so many players are just leaving. Why not buff the towers we spent years developing instead of complete nerfs to things we just got? Was going to battle this day to get higher ninjas now I just don’t care.


For that price… it is good

I was trying to get level 6 donkey… I have 27 now… now, there is no use


I get every other change. 1 less activation (4 to 3), 10 to 8 seconds duration, 6 to 5.5, 10% morale, etc… these are all “small” nerfs across the board, that all add up to a meaningful balance. This makes sense.
But nerfing damage to obstacles 62.5-66.67% is overkill.

Yes, the Dragon (special attack damage) was low, but all things considered Nemesis was already the strongest pal in the game and now it was buffed.
So the strongest pal in the game just became stronger.

Balance changes are usually done to nerf OP stuff or to buff underpowered stuff. This is the first time i see the strongest thing (pal) in a game receiving a buff to make it even stronger.

Nemesis’ Blessing bug:

This bug has a big impact on Nemesis’ gameplay.

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I’ve done a few raids and the Donkey’s speed during the special ability was severely nerfed as well.
The current Donkey doesn’t feel like a slightly nerfed Donkey. It feels like an entirely different guardian.


Wasn’t it discussed on previous balance changes to do them gradually? Then see if that is enough. The damage to the donkey should have been half of what was done, then evaluate. Not a complete castration…

They gave the approval that it was okay to balance the donkey. Now do not cry, there you have the result.


Its done. This solo raids with a fritz were unbalanced:)


There are the pals Fritz, Kaiser, Phoebe and Bela for solo RAIDs… Its not only 1

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Yes. The whole game revolves around the few players doing solo raids…[sarcasm]. Whatever, more trash. The game continues to sink to new lows.

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Maybe the next Guardian in V5.1 can fix it? :roll_eyes: