[Feedback topic] Live Server Update 27.06.19 - Donkey Nerf, Dragon Buff, Other smaller adjustments

Is phebe also affected by Armageddon scroll buff? Or it still stays normal for defence and attack ?

No, only the scroll.


Huge disappointment in these changes. I am starting to see why so many players are just leaving. Why not buff the towers we spent years developing instead of complete nerfs to things we just got? Was going to battle this day to get higher ninjas now I just don’t care.


For that price… it is good

I was trying to get level 6 donkey… I have 27 now… now, there is no use


I get every other change. 1 less activation (4 to 3), 10 to 8 seconds duration, 6 to 5.5, 10% morale, etc… these are all “small” nerfs across the board, that all add up to a meaningful balance. This makes sense.
But nerfing damage to obstacles 62.5-66.67% is overkill.

Yes, the Dragon (special attack damage) was low, but all things considered Nemesis was already the strongest pal in the game and now it was buffed.
So the strongest pal in the game just became stronger.

Balance changes are usually done to nerf OP stuff or to buff underpowered stuff. This is the first time i see the strongest thing (pal) in a game receiving a buff to make it even stronger.

Nemesis’ Blessing bug:

This bug has a big impact on Nemesis’ gameplay.

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I’ve done a few raids and the Donkey’s speed during the special ability was severely nerfed as well.
The current Donkey doesn’t feel like a slightly nerfed Donkey. It feels like an entirely different guardian.


Wasn’t it discussed on previous balance changes to do them gradually? Then see if that is enough. The damage to the donkey should have been half of what was done, then evaluate. Not a complete castration…

They gave the approval that it was okay to balance the donkey. Now do not cry, there you have the result.


Its done. This solo raids with a fritz were unbalanced:)


There are the pals Fritz, Kaiser, Phoebe and Bela for solo RAIDs… Its not only 1

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Yes. The whole game revolves around the few players doing solo raids…[sarcasm]. Whatever, more trash. The game continues to sink to new lows.

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Maybe the next Guardian in V5.1 can fix it? :roll_eyes:

A step in the right direction, gardians where unbalanced as a whole, I hope it’s not only donkey.

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Now what they have to do is: Make Phoebe, much stronger and so, the stronger players, will be stronger. It seems that strong players are afraid of being overshadowed. LOL

Phoebe is nothing:)

NO. lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

IN MY CASE: If the developers are honest, I want them to return the full sum of my pearls invested in barricades and donkeys. When are you going to return them to me? They have reduced strength, they have stolen my pearls with effort.

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Never. Deal with it.

In the previous week, I bought an interesting “one time offer” (at almost 110€) with 5k gems, 250k pal food and 250 donkeys. Now I can upgrade donkey directly from level 5 to level 9, but I have a doubt about my plans. Is it better to upgrade before donkey or Hans pal (always from level 5 to level 9)? My most used guardian is the sled Trusty (Donkey is at the 2nd place), which it’s at level 5. Actually I haven’t enough pal food to upgrade donkey and Hans pal at the same time.