[Feedback topic] Live Server Update 27.06.19 - Donkey Nerf, Dragon Buff, Other smaller adjustments

This is because of the un-educated community for whom, the whole game has to suffer.

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It’s about time donkey was chain back in stables. Well too OP. GT fix and nemesis buff … nice touch flare. :+1::+1::+1::+1: I like it.


Such an arrogant attitude, many good people I know come from uneducated background, yet they are hardworking, kind, generous, street smart and I can add so many good things about them. They don’t talk ill about the less fortunate, instead they help them. Uneducated doesn’t mean unintelligent or stupid, there are educated fools also riding their high horse mocking any opinion that’s different. “Mature up”

Well, I dont talk about direct “UNEDUCATION” I MEAN, non-education about game. They dont know what is right but they stick to anything.
Surviva, you got me something else…

Oh okay its a misunderstanding, it can happen. Just wanted to convey multiple opinions exist, and we can respectfully disagree. Good day.

-> This bug will be fixed with the upcoming version, since it requires code changes.


Correct, we said the base movement speed was corrected.

Please feel free to join a team without pro boosts, then retry a base with high phoebe. I think you will immediately change your mind.

To stay on topic, I also did test new donkey. It is indeed a new kind of guardian now. Waste of investing any longer in that one. hope for a guardian event soon, hopefully I can get sled higher level (and wait till that one is nerfed)


I do not need to joib low alliances.
I know that Phoebe beast uses very rare now
Wolfs better

About your post, you always tell about low teams
I do not care about them
Players should leave them and join teams with better boosts, if tbeir teams doesnt have boosts

Its how game should go ahead

If your team have no boosts mean your team is dead, no point to be there.

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In that case, how can you say that phoebe is no problem? You are correct that for you it ain’t, but for a lot of others it is the opposite. And it would definitely also be a problem for you, when you did visit a low team. That’s all what I meant to say with it, no more no less.

It proves the point I made earlier, pro boosted troops at highest level are way more over powered than anything else in the game. We don’t have to expect any kind of rebalance of those, since it brings cash.

A free guardian like donkey, that can be gained without cash, is not even close to the overpowered pro boosts. Unfortunately since donkey guardian is free, it must be neutralized by nerfing in an extreme way (over 60% of power against barricades, blockades and traps I call abnormal reduction).

We already know you don’t care about low/medium teams Cromka, that’s fine with me. There are more than enough players that play cash free, they enjoy the game and play it by staying away pretty far from top.

At the moment I lead our camp team, a nice place to relax. Indeed not a lot of boosts available, but win or lose isn’t important, having fun is.


If you want to have fun and not be best its up for you
If your team mates loves it too- up for them

But no need talk abouy pro boosts then. You do not need them its mean it was your choice.

Man you always talks about thinks you do not know

Il sure a lot of players who can raid every base even without being in alliance

Yes low and middle teams who cant get level 3-4 pro boosts are useless. Should to die

Have a nice weekend Cromka. Remember we are on a forum here. There also opinions of others should be respected.

I mean allianes with 50-60 players

Thats like real Cromka1, the leader of Rank 1 alliance with all the best members of this game…

I do not need respect opinions
Iyou always talk like join low alliance and try

I did it many times before and it wasnt problem to raid everyone
Im sure its same now.

But many players look at your posts, posts from player who even do not try to do something in game and surely cant even play and think you your right

Its not

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As I am growing these days, killing a phoebe is becoming easier… no beast can stand in my way, as I havent started getting maxed howl beast yet.

Boosts are needed to play and grow. Sorry @Dena4 but this time, Cromka is right. A person can grow only if he has boost. You cannot stand in a top base without boost.

More ways to kill off alliances and have less players … woo hoo . Eventually there will be 10 alliances and 600 players… what fun​:face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Hans…for sure👍

That hurts😭… i am in a level 31 allie…do not want to die😣

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An absolute trashy person is insulting at-least 30-50% of the players of this game, ignoring is a good option but don’t bend your spine, the more you bend the more they will tread on you throwing trash all over you. You don’t need trash to dictate your worth, only you can. Its better to be a decent player in a broken tower, than be a trash sitting in an ivory tower, and being a lackey to trash is even worse.

With good intent I say this message. Please take it right.

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