[Feedback topic]: Live Server Update 31.10.19 / Sprinkle / Halloween Pro Items

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Hollow (ホロウ)
What item is this?
(I misunderstood it in the pro shop new item.)

No head for the Hero :smiley: A little homage to the Headless Horseman :wink: And it’s a helmet. :wink:

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hmmm … does this mean we pay 1.900 pumpkins and receive nothing?


Thanks to you, my stiff shoulder was cured.




:joy::joy::joy: That’s quite some way to put it… Hilarious… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hello @Madlen !

The new game updates have now been uploaded on the fly …thanks to all devs :hugs:
The Items looks spooky-nice and some player get :rr2sprinkle: :smiley:
but …

Can you tell us when we can expect the new game update?
The problems with the yellow dots is very annoying…

Soon™ :grin:

Haha, in all seriousness it really will be soonish^^ though.

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soonish :rofl::joy::star_struck:

okay, sounds good :slight_smile:

I run and run with my char many times, but can not catch all the treasures :rainbow:

My char have to be fit but he looks more like a couch portato :see_no_evil: maybe he looks like me :joy::joy::joy:

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Even though I have not tested it yet, the new pro helmet seems very strong on paper. I liked it.

Can we expect the full Halloween pro set soon? Cape, Weapon, Ring, Belt and Armor are missing.

You knows the cape;(

There are currently no additions planned for the “Trick or Treat” section of the Pro-Shop.:rr2zombie: