[Feedback topic]: LSU 21.11.19 Slight balancing changes War season

This is the feedback topic for this announcement. :slight_smile:

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Please find an overview of the fiefdom change here:

We are looking forward to your feedback, especially once you played a new War season with the new conditions :slight_smile:



Elite bull… Like we all have 100 fiefdom or more… give us turbo’s to actually worth fighting for… War is a drag


Flare dont do something- complain and blame
Flare doing something- complain and blame

Pattern is known

They posted its just small first step


Seems to go in the right direction motivating to have more fiefdom giving advantage and reducing the disadvantage. We might see some alliance name from the past reappear…:grin:


Now there is still the problem that most alli wants the boost of one war and will loose the other as the related boost aren’t really desired/needed… They could swap some of the cq boost with the “pyro” War boost. Otherwise I think that the small new advantage will not motivate enough most alliances too fight both war…


U are creating unfairness in personal rewards! How many alliances have 100 fiefdoms ? Why players of these alliances should deserve better personal rewards (especially rune chests) and not the others ?
stop dividing your community and do some changes that affect everyone


Lol your argument is like “ why should players in top tier ninja get more rewards than players in lower tiers?”


i don’t believe this is a good example.
a player that is individually able to reach 5300 trophies will have the same rewards as other players that are individually able to reach 5300. with the LSU, a player that is able to do 75K in war will not have the same rewards as another player that is able to do 75K, depending on the number of fiefdoms of its alliance.
Low alliance players don’t deserve runes ?
and there are currently 3 alliances above 100 fiefdoms. where is the universality of the balancing change ?


Better personal rewards: greate idea! Maybe if skulls range to get more chest would be lower it will force alliances to fight. Right now it is very hard to get top chests. Mostly when atack are set up.
Better personal rewards starting at 100 fiefdom: if only from 100 fiefdom it will be very unjust.
As 4 LB: let us see it in action.
I am glad that something was changed at last :slight_smile: Thanks FG!


Its smaert to make better rewards for alliances from 100 fiefs
Alliances should grow

If they are cowards and hiding/dropping fiefs- mean they dont need rewards.


That’s an inaccurate example too. A player getting 75k skulls with massive lb deserve less reward than a player from a team with tiny lb reaching 75k skulls.

If you want total equality, then there wouldn’t be lb. But since lb is here to stay, just be happy for top teams like RL.

After all, it’s not like you got deprived of anything in this change. The top teams are just getting more.

If you still feel unsatisfied, try getting up to 100 fiefdom and fight wars with that amount of fiefdom. If the answer is “but it’s difficult to reach there, and it’s difficult to fight with less lb too”, then well, that’s precisely the answer to why they deserve better rewards.


I think it’s more about efficiency (pain vs gain) than cowardice…:wink:

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Okay, you are right;)

i hope we will find something new in upcoming war changes not just ups and downs of existing war entities
3 years gone but we wanted to see some new things like:

  • New trio set of war boosts instead of pyro trio set and froster trio set
  • New tiles system of war map coz existing tile system could be unfair at some point coz some alliances starts war at middle of war map and all alliances just jumps over it
  • Disable players to jump out the alliance when it starts ( to avoid jumpers ) ~~ optional you guys can think something better :slight_smile:

As they said its the first step only.

It seems we will not see the full war changes in coming 5.3::frowning:

But if such reward change will be only for 100 fiefdoms + it will be unjust. i hope int will be more like tiers in CQ

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I think the middle position is one of the best ones;)

Why? 100 fiefs guys deserve the better rewards

Ofcourse. It is just. but i hope there will be also changes below ‘100 fiefrom tier’

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why would a guy that joins a team with 100 fiefs 1 day before war deserve better rewards?

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