[Feedback topic]: New version 5.1 available now // Patch Notes

Official topic: New version 5.1 available now // Patch Notes

Royal Revolt 2 Version 5.1.0 is out now! :rr2advisorhappy: With this version, we are focussing on providing new content, variety and a plethora of new possibilities for everybody (especially those of you who achieved everything already :wink: ). Our new features will build and expand upon already existing mechanics, but add thrilling twists in places and ways you wouldn’t expect. So without any further ado, let’s shake things up yet again and dive into the feature overview of RR2’s latest outing:

Hidden Treasures:

Fighting battles just got even more exciting! With this new addition to our regular battles, we’re going full vintage as we pull a throwback to Royal Revolt 1. Wreck your enemies’ Obstacles while raiding and, with a little luck, find the most awesome treasures inside them. Hidden Treasures will randomly drop from destroyed obstacles onto the path, waiting for you to pick them up. Find all kinds of resources, Festival Tokens or our new kid in town…


Royal Revolt 2 now introduces an all-new mechanic to expand upon your entire Offense and Defense: Runes are finally here (unlocked at Throne Room Level 6)!
Runes not only offer incredible improvements to a multitude of already existing Stats and Perks, they eventually unlock game-changing new skills and mechanics for Units, Spells and Obstacles.
Boost your Knights with an additional “Fear on Hit”, let your Barricades blow up in a devastating explosion as they’re being destroyed or turn your Werewolves into a true “Leader of the Pack” as they summon a group of wolf cubs onto the battlefield.
The new Rune system provides sheer endless possibilities. And here’s a brief overview on how to use them:

Units, Spells and Obstacles have their own set of Runes, each with effects tailored to their type. Add Runes to your setup in the same way you already know from Pearl Upgrading. Find more Runes of the same type to eventually upgrade them to a higher level and make their effect even stronger. Certain rare Runes reward you with a unique and powerful extra effect if you manage to upgrade them to their highest level. Once unlocked, Runes can be found as Hidden Treasures in regular Battles or can be obtained from Rune Chests. Additionally, your old buddy the Blacksmith joins the fun, as he generates free Runes for you every single day. Simply head over to his building in the Castle Scene and tap the new Rune button to bring up the menu.

Since this brief description only scratches the surface of what is possible with this feature, make sure to check out the F.A.Q. we compiled for you guys here:

Everything you need to know about RUNES

In the following months, we will keep enhancing this new feature, as we add awesome new runes for all your favorite Units, Spells, Obstacles and Hero Items. So take this as ‘only the beginning’ and stay tuned!

New Guardian:

Hatching straight from the bottomless pits of the Dungeon and totally up to no good:
Make way for Yig, Yog and Yug!

The three scallywags from hell love to wreak havoc as they use their magical expertise to turn your Hero into a beastly Demon with a taste for chaos. Slashing through hordes of enemies with purgatorial wrath (and zombifying them in the process), his newly gained power reaches its pinnacle as he sacrifices his nearby allies to cause one hell of an explosion. A perfect mess - but all in good fun.

Other Improvements:

Heal Tower Indicator:

Towers which are under the effect of a nearby Heal Tower will now show an indicator in your Defense Management.

Windows users are getting two long-requested improvements with version 5.1.0.:

Hotkey Customization:

That’s right, you can finally set all the battle hotkeys to your personal liking. Assign all battle related actions to the keys that match your play style the best.

Increase Cursor Size:

In heated raids, it is easy to lose track of your cursor. You can now increase your cursor’s size and always know where you stand.

Head over to the in-game Options Menu for both new features.

Balancing Changes:

  1. The first Balancing Update will be affecting the **Castle Gate **, as we’re adding a new Level to it (new max = Level 25). With this new Level +2 new Path tiles will be added, providing new strategic possibilities in terms of Defense Path Layout.
  2. With our upcoming Force Update this week, we also lowered almost all of the Forging Unlock times (the Levels needed to unlock Pearl Upgrading for Units, Spells, and Obstacles).


  • Fixed a bug that caused Ninjas to sometimes get stuck outside of the path
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Gargoyle Nest VFX to stay after its destruction
  • Fixed a bug that caused the explosion VFX of (Skull) Bombs to go missing in battles
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Pals with a healing ability to heal the Hero, while a Guardian is active
  • Fixed a bug that caused a disconnect after an illegal movement on the Conquest Map
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Medal and Gold display in the battle loadout to adjust properly as corresponding perks change via Wardrobe switch
  • Fixed a bug that caused a wrong stat display of Nidhogg’s fire damage
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Advisor Guardian’s Spells to not properly scale with the Hero’s level
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Watchtower Build Orders on the Stronghold Tile
  • Fixed a bug that that prevented the Vanity Token to properly work on Windows and Facebook
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Nemesis’ Zombie bombs to create enemy zombies
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Necromancer range stats to be displayed on its Stat View
  • Fixed a bug that caused some VFX to be displayed on a wrong layer
  • Fixed a bug that caused a broken Language and Rank information display

Happy raiding and let us know what you think in the feedback topic! :rr2blacksmiththumbsup:
Your Royal Revolt 2 - team


Will the ‘luck’ gears improve the chances of finding hidden treasure?..

That’s nice… What about Jester Trap range?.. We asked to show the range of jester trap in a circle like that of towers… It would be good to have that… thanks…

Other new changes looks fun… i am eager to try them… Hopefully, we find many bugs to report you… JK… :smile::smile::smile::grin::grin::grin:



Congratulations to Flare’s team for the job.

But I can not find an update available on windows store. :sleepy:


Runes look great!
Well done FG, always impressed with the new stuff you keep coming up. :rr2blacksmiththumbsup:

Dena you were right about the runes congrats.

Also waiting to test thing out.


Wow very awesome work. Thank you team flare.

I wonder if we have more luck finding exciting stuff, if we wear luck gear. Or does that not matter?

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I have installed new version on Android. Castle Gate has only 24 levels. Will it be available after tomorrow Force Server Update?

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Hot Keys: The victory and defeat!
Thank You for this much needed addition to the game. I’ve been requesting it since “get satisfaction”
forum. (im about same age as granny) but im sorry to report the mouse expanding feature has horrable lag. it does help somewhat in that you at least know your mouse is in-game,. allowing mouse to use windows custiom would be betta, meow.

BTW im on windows 10 PC using a Razer Tiapan mouse, windows mouse default w razor cloud synapse at default (nearly).

this is a wonderful new feature.
make it go please

EDIT:also I have Thrustmater TARGET and script editing programs installed that are mouse emulation capable. but they were not running and those joys removed during this trial. (if that helps 2 know I donno)

I guess it’s better for you to submit a bug on the appropriate Bug section, or else they won’t take a look at it.

Same question. When will the gate level appear?

“NOTE2: Hidden Treasures and Runes will be made available for everybody with the Force Server Update tomorrow. Same goes for the new Castle Gate Level.”

Does that mean no one will get these until tomorrow, or that others will get it sooner but everyone will be forced tomorrow?

may i know the chances of getting hidden treasures? and does the level of the towers/obstacles affect the odds of finding something?

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It means “no one will get these until tomorrow”, yes.

1 - Hooray for:

Heal Tower Indicator
Hotkey Customization
Increase Cursor Size

2 - Unsure about runes being non-removable. Depending on their rarity, it could be hugely discouraging for players below lvl 130 to apply them, since items will be improved along the way.

3 - Usage of pearls and pet food has increased dramatically with last updates, yet we remain very short on options to obtain those. Upgrading a pet to lvl10 is almost a life or death decision. Any thoughts on this from developers?

4 - Amazed that you have the time to come up with a whole different game mechanic (that will require a whole different array of bug fixing and balancing), while pro-league and conquest remain utterly broken.


upon another look what I saw as slippage or lag was I think the mouse pointer converting back from game style to normal as it passed into another screen/window.

in-game it worked good.

you cant see it during the loading screen wich did give me some anziaty though. lolz


I mean, I would understand if it was for Advisor only, because the hero leaves the battle field when she is activated

But for all Guardians?
If the hero is still right there, why shouldn’t he be healed???

Especially when the healing abilities already have no effect at all on the Guardians’ HP


It shouldn’t be healed because the RoyalGuardians already make the hero invulnerable, so you already become pretty OP for the Guardian duration.

At least this way, the Guardian HP will finally have some meaning, as nowadays you just hop into your Guardian and nobody defeats you.


With runes, and guardians now needing lots of pearls, isn’t it time to put upper limits on blacksmith forging? (and hopefully runes have a limit to keep gameplay sane and not broken for those with less than 100 forges per item).

Hopefully doesn’t need to be said, but no skull runes :slight_smile:


Good observation. The game is incomplete in every way. everything they do new never finish it and ends up being half done. It is a game that everything is half. It’s like a house without cleaning.

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Think of it as a balance change then. One that I actually like =)