[Feedback topic]: New version 5.1 available now // Patch Notes

Meanwhile, no change was made to items not healing the hero when a Guardian is activated,
that’s what I thought was a bug :thinking:

What’s the logic for a healing ring on the hero’s hand to stop healing him when the hero steps on a sled? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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This is happening to me too… I made a mistake tho… I uninstalled the game on my pc then reinstalled it, but now i have to start from scratch… is it possible to recover the profile i was using??? heeelllllppp

Heal indicator is a wonder idea, but still not working well…

50 forges for the second rune slot on inventory items is stupid, it’s basically just for the skull gear.


exactly… 50 forges is too much… Growing player like me who doesn’t have 130 lvl gears will never forge… i wonder if growing players like me will even use runes in all the non-max low level equipments and gears…

The idea of runes is completely ineffective for me and others like it… Runes are only to help strong players grow more strong…

100 times forging required for spells and units… :joy::joy::joy:


You thought wrong then.

Even if other pals were bugged as well (I didn’t test them), the bug was finally fixed.

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Oh look and still no new quest in 5 years… whoopie

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Yesterday updated to v5.1.1, did all first day Festival raids (2x15 crowns), started upgrading the new Castle gate max level. Done, logged off. Then hours later I tried to log in for daily donation, suddenly I couldn’t connect to game, until now. Sent report to flare, no reply yet. Something terribly wrong with this update.

After I equip any runes with my units, will I still be able to forge or upgrade it?..

Suppose, I equipped the above knight rune with knight unit… After that, If i get more of such runes, can I upgrade the equipped runes or do I have to upgrade in the non-equipped rune and then overwrite the rune?..

NVM… I found my answer in Know All About Runes:
• Upgrading a rune only works with runes in your Rune Inventory, not with Runes that have already been applied

I repeat myself, Everything you need to know about RUNES

Read that tutor first. When you overwrite a rune of level 1 by another one of same kind, you get a higher value than the one currently assigned on the rune slot. So only handy when first value is pretty low.

Having said that, better save those runes and start to assign them at level 2+. In blacksmith you can get some daily rune chests. First chest 1.5M gives 3 runes, second one gives 4 runes, the rest is for gems.

But if you insist to know the prices, third rune chest 100 gems, 7 runes, fourth rune chest 500 gems 29 runes, 5th one only free when you got all other 4, 7 runes.

Bought those rune chest sets twice to have a start.

As free/lower player you can also play just fine with just one rune slot. No need to forge spells and troops 100+ times and items and structures 50 times. That is what I explained to you before runes where available in this game, Forging of spells, troops, structures are very important. I also didn’t know this side effect for second rune slot, but by forging you can strengthen stats by 30%-40% upwards.


Can we please have an option to allow animation when hidden treasures appear? Something like how it was shown in the tutorial. I mean, we didn’t need dragon or beast animation and it was there. Now we need an animation for hidden treasures and it isn’t there… =.="


Can you make the hidden treasures more noticiable when they drop?

It’s not that easy to see them when the screen is full of units and/or with Nemesis and all the visual effects it activates almost all the time

Maybe change it so instead of making a sound when we pick the treasure, there is a sound when the treasure drops?

At least we would know when it dropped, and that we should look for something

A better visual effect, like a light beam, would be useful as well. Especially for Runes on dark landscapes, they are very easy to miss


i agree that hidden treasures are hard to spot when there are many things on the screen. I would suggest either 1) Place a icon showing the type of treasure (gem,rune, token, etc) on the minimap when a hidden treasure is on the floor
or 2) Have all hidden treasures be automatically picked up after destroying gate


Instead of animation like @LacunaC suggested or sound effect like @Darkerion suggested, I like the idea of @Aero… Animation would create sudden lag and as for sound effect, I (and I guess, many others) listen to music while playing this game with the game’s sound muted…

However, an indication on the progress bar or maybe light effect like Darkerion suggested would be great… Or, whenever the hidden treasure is spotted, a message that reads “Hidden Treasure Spotted” could be displayed in the same way we get message when the beast is released…

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so read in rune faq “Once a Rune has been applied, it is gone – it can not be removed from the object, but only overwritten.
• Upgrading a rune only works with runes in your Rune Inventory, not with Runes that have already been applied.”
so have a question,just wanted to make sure,once we apply lvl 1 rune to item,we can’t upgrade that rune while it is applied to that item,right? if we can’t then better wait & upgrade rune to max lvl then apply.for example werewolf: leader of the pack each lvl has more bleed effect but at lvl 6 wolf’s howl summons a pack of wolf cubes.so can we apply lvl 1 of wolf leader of pack rune to werewolf&keep working towrds upgrading it to lvl 6? if not better to wait & upgrade it to lvl 6 then apply.

Nope… as is said, once the rune is applied, it cannot be upgraded, but only can be overwritten…

However, one more thing to be noted… The next runes you get will always be a better form of the applied one… So either way, even if you upgrade or overwrite it with a new one, it would have almost same meaning…

However, none of us have fully understood its functionality and the rune feature, so I suggest you to wait and keep upgrading it instead of using it right now…

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not really @GrimScythe2001,yes overwrite would be better stat than before it roll,but it would only be in same range for lvl 1. lvl 2 has higher range than lvl 1, in lvl 2 range one can’t be with lvl 1 overwrite i think!


It goes even further. When you apply a rune of higher level (for example level 2), you can overwrite it only with a rune of that same type, when it’s minimal same level or higher. So a level 2 rune can only be replaced by a different rune or by a rune of the same type of equal or higher level.

Since the odds on a low value (in that level range) are pretty high, an applied rune can better be replaced by a rune of higher level. You can of course improve the value by a rune of same type plus level, but there is no guarantee that this value will be much higher. I bet the odds to get a value close to max will be very rare. So why replace runes by a similar rune with same level? Only when you can’t afford a higher level rune of that type. And that could be pearls or number of runes to create a higher level rune.

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Hello @LacunaC @Darkerion @Aero & @GrimScythe2001,
visibility of Hidden Treasures in busy battles is a topic that came up a lot during development and that we want to improve upon in future versions.
We really like the idea of showing the Hidden Treasure drops on the battle progress bar and will evaluate whether this is a possible addition to the next version.



This rune feature is very new and would be really nice if developers can give us more info apart from that in the forum already, like, would luck perk increase the chance of finding it? I believe many of us would like to know.