[Feedback Topic] New Version 6.0

A question, does season xp depend on several item perks, like XP did to gain xp for increasing hero level?

Or does it work in an other way.

I guess that it s different from that.
It should be something like the ninja coins…the more you advanced and finish quests, the more XP you gain…

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Curious about the season pas pricing

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The boost for the Palad. when do we get them back?

On Windows it shows update is available but when clicked on Download Now Store Windows Store doesn’t show the update. Unable to use the existing version as well due to this


i have the same problem, i cant download the update from windows store.

everything on the screen is just too small, pls allow us to choose the size of buttons and stuff, hurts my eyes to read and look to such small things


Can only confirm on Windows there is a problem. Game version 5.4.0 starts to load, tries to connect and seems to go into a loop. At least it never connects to the game. For the record, I don’t have the game installed anywhere else.

Only option is to save the settings.dat file (Windows explorer), uninstall the game, followed by a reinstall. Despite the fact that I have a download speed of 200 mbit per second, download takes an eternity. Are your servers overloaded? Only after reinstall and restoring settings.dat, I can enter the game again.

Please check why game is not available in Windows store. Was it rejected for a reason? Keep us informed when a working new release is available in Windows store.

That happens with every update, just need to wait.

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It has now been 8 hours and I STILL have not been able to update my RR 2 game AND I have NOT even been able to play the old version. My laptop NOR my tablet, BUT my smartphone is ok. Why is this, why can I not play at all. So now, because of you, I am not able to participate in the “Boost your Defense” event. So basically you have robbed me of my gold, my upgrading of defensive things, and my build time. Please tell me how you plan of fixing this? How you plan on making this right?

Just wait? Yeah easy for you to say cause you can play. This game is not even letting me play AT ALL

Hours later and still can’t update the PC version and it won’t let you play the 5.4.0 version :frowning:

Never been this long before so wake up Mod’s and give us an update…

You updated on smartphone and now your hero is updated while WIN still have no update;)


  1. next time dont do updtate till all platforms will get it
  2. take part in event via smartphone

Its always was like this.

Just play via another platform where you downloaded an update) less drama

CR1 you Ok ?.. you giving helpful replies?
lol … somethings not right here… :wink:


Update not showing yet in windows 10 store yet 15 hours being after update is on.

Im helping newbies. Its ok for me)

There is no updtate for win still
5.4.0 is old version
New is 6.0.0

Not able to use the old version still. I don’t have other platforms so it is impossible for me to play now