[Feedback topic]: Pro-League Score Scalinge Change

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thanks. When would we know the exact rewards we will get? On the last day since the tiers are dynamic?

Hi Saran,
Thanks for your question.
You will only know at the end of the Pro-League when the rewards are being paid out. :crown:

Too late, much too late. Best players already p****ed off.

I dont get this. What should we fight for then? Its lottery only.

Dont fight.
Idea of pro is fight with yourself.

No problem if you will know prizes at the end for me

Hope this new system will work

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I can pretty much predict what will happen already, after reading between the lines.

If pro score is going to be scaled according to your average score, then it means you have to participate in every pro league or your ‘average score’ will be affected, thus, lowering your rewards.

I’m not going to complain if this is true, cause I like it.

BUT, I’m sure many players will then complain that they don’t participate in every pro league and will now receive less rewards because of that.

Also, just to even predict further, some players will come and say ‘please only take into account the average score of pro leagues that we participate’, which will be rejected because it will otherwise be exploited by players only participating in pro leagues that give higher score, thus, giving the player higher score on average.

Answear is simple. rewards should not be shown during PL. Rewards tiers should be adapted to the scores statistics in the end. But after PL is finished players should see theis position in tiers.
Ofcourse statistic should take only current PL scores.


I think you misunderstood the text. What it says is the system will calculate the rewards based on every player’s score for each ongoing pro-league.

So every week there is a new calculation, no history is accounted for (and it never could, considering how widely possible scores vary from week to week).


My main concern is, as once taught by Steve Jobs himself: simple is beautiful.

The more complexity the new system brings, the less transparent it will be. And that tends to create even more dissatisfaction among players. Current pro-league at least let’s you see how others are doing and locate yourself somehow.

Let’s wait for it and give it a shot, but I would much rather have something that allowed for some degree of repetition on pro league, which would diminish the gap between cheaters and regular players, increase the fun to be had while playing PL, and discourage secondary accounts from participating.

So now we will see a ladder of everyone’s points without no indicative rewards until the end, that’s it?

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as long as those very high to regular high scores from pro-cheaters are included to calculate the tiers it won’t make much difference to the final tiers, i guess


as long as flare is not taking actions against those cheaters, indeed, those ones will always influence the others rewards.

I assume that this first move is not against them but to give better rewards to lower tier…

I mean, they can make a top tier with the 5-7 top players and give them 15k crystals and 10 pro chests, and then they can make a second tier, lets say for the next 7-25 with 10K and 7 pro chests…and so on…

Let s wait on the next pro league and see how it goes

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Thanks. I like the idea of dynamic rewards. Since it is unknown and calculated based on real values of multiple players it might be possible to push lighter rewards for astronomical scores. Interested in seeing how this works out.

Remember to update the points needed to unlock the boosts to reflect the new scoring.

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Rubbish, if FG still can’t detect whether a player use cheat tools at PL or not.
FYI: public secret, smart cheaters don’t try to score perfect at PL. They score a bit lesser than the highest. Harder to catch red-handed


The previous system was a mess. It was a cheaters’ heaven (multi account users included). The competent cheaters got rewarded incredibly well (7-10 chests every single week) while regular 1 account players got screwed over in 2-3 pro chest tiers hell.

We have yet to see how this new system works.
Will it be cheaters’ heaven again?
Will actual regular 1 account players be able to get to 4+ pro chest tiers?

All we really know for now is that the new system is dynamic and it somehow differentiates between normal and abnormal scores.

So, expectations wise, this is my dream scenario: the new system will reward regular players with 3-4-7-10 pro chests more often, while not rewarding cheaters with 7-10 pro chests as often (preferably banning them).

Lets see how it goes in this Pro League.

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A regular player has real life and cant play every pro league.

A cheater will play regularly (he/she probably has more gems to play every pro league), he invests more than what any regular player does.

Who benefits the most? Isnt it punishing the regular player just because he cant play every pro cup (even of the same type), also the how will the active regular player who plays every pro benefit? when the cheater is competing all he has to do is achieve a realistic score (a few cups he may be banned but he will adjust his score to the level that the system thinks normal, or he may observe the first few days and find the right range of score and play in the last day just earning a few points more than the regular top player and repeat).

Prevention is better than cure. Preventing snakes entering home is prudent instead of hunting snakes after entering inside home. The funny part is some think that it wont affect them. The cheater isnt trying to steal what the regular player gets he is aiming for the top rewards.

Anyways I can be entirely wrong since I’m not invested in pro cups , kudos to the developers for working hard to better the pro league. Thank you guys.

Edit: I think I’m wrong in thinking over many pro cups, instead of over the course of a pro cup. Hope the solution works

Mmmm? 35 min due 4 days?

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Yeah dont you have weddings to attend, trips with friends, festivals, preparing for exams or get sick or just not in the mood to play anything or vacation, family, hobby, attending sick family members etc. Not that I have all of them but I do have to a few things that take my time, If you can manage them and play then its great.

If someone cant find 35 min per 4 days for game- he should play tetris:)

Cmn, its not serious