[Feedback topic]: Something is different again

I hope it’s button for forgings cooldowns.

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Maybe a boost all button for 100 diamonds. :roll_eyes:

Where is settings button?

I think something related to runes. The color of the arrows is purple. And purple is the color of pearls. And pearls are needed to upgrade runes.


I think it’s an overview of everything forgeable so that we can see what we can forge and how long something forgeable still is under cool down. Including advice what to forge, number of forges (so that we can see how many forges still are needed to unlock second rune slot) including applied runes (plus info what kind of rune that is applied).

Now we need to click individual objects, spells, troops plus items to verify if we can once again forge them or how long they are still in cool down. Especially for objects (on different layouts!) this can be a nightmare to start checking this without losing a lot of time.

So I bet it’s such an overview, which also supports to forge an item from there and even apply runes on this stuff.

Say for yourself, when you see that for example a lot of towers are forged a lot, but you forgot to apply some runes on one tower, this would motivate you to apply runes on it.


I also suspect a list that shows updates with pearls. We will see if runes Upgrades are already included.

It Is a shortcut button to your bank account … and to activate it u need 10k gems on first try 20k second and 50 on third. :euro::euro::euro::euro::yen::yen::yen::yen::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::credit_card::credit_card::credit_card::credit_card::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound:


The Pearls are needed to upgrade many things.

All of our gold, gems, pearls, our xp, our trophies are gone :joy:

How much you wanna bet it on it? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Such an overview would be handy.

I don’t like to place bets, but such an overview would be fantastic.

A less detailed one also would be great, just seeing items plus non items in forge cool down and suggestions what to forge or apply runes

I was just fooling around Jack. I also don’t like to place bets :wink: Let’s see what FG will offer us with this new purple button.

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And if it was a button to reap the resources of conquest …
exactly as the blue button harvests resources from farms and taverns

Im sure you are right

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i wish it was something for players who don’t want to be in any alliance,if it was just possible to roam free alone,and still it was possible to stay competitive and have fun!

Will version 5.2 be released in this month?

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