[Feedback topic]: Time to get spooky 🎃

(Unfold the entire announcement by clicking on the small arrow on the top right to see the image :wink: ).

New pro set?:star_struck:
Seems so.

Halloween Event :heart_eyes: … maybe new Items and a Pro Set :two_hearts:

Looks like the headless horseman, without horse. That must be the festival gear after this conquest, so too bad, no pro but uber gear.

Is it a new unit about the next update?

New guardian surely.

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I really hope not, this would be a bad move.

No more guardians please…but they said one would be released in autumn update…so you might be right.

Gear set, guardian, whatever it is, it looks interesting.

I thought it had a wonky alien neck before I realised it was an arm holding a head :joy:

It could also be a new unit or unit costume. (Doubt)

But it has a cape so it’s probably for the hero.

Maybe a new twist?.. A guardian to guard the castle gate?..

I’m hoping it’s a new (useful, pet food upgradable) guardian and/or a new pro set with interesting items.

maybe it’s like in Ghostbusters and Samhane visits all our bases :rofl:

I hope 4 some spooky festival :slight_smile:

Let’s hope it’s Pro set (and more Uber get Pro equivalents, or pay crystal to upgrade to Pro), it’s very sad to go from Pro to Uber when new items are only Uber.

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I spent >300k crystals only in this month.

Umn… It’s all very interesting…

Obviously, the horse is the guardian…

Given thought to the hero’s costume, it could be the new pro gears maybe, with lot of fear auras… It can’t be uber becuase uber for pumpkin head is already available… Since the whole costume is ready, it must be pro gear… :thinking::thinking::thinking: