[Feedback topic]: Upcoming change for free Pal and free Guardian chest

Official announcement: Upcoming change for free Pal and free Guardian Chest

:crown: Kings and Queens,
Today, we want to inform you about an upcoming change that will put a 2-week expiration timer on the free Pal and free Guardian chest.
This means the free Pal and free Guardian chest will expire 2 weeks after you have collected them.

Chests of these types that will be collected until the change was made active, will not be affected.

We will inform you once this change goes live.

Keep raiding,
Your Royal Revolt 2 -team

Was your target to have most of the players angry at you by doing that change?



Now it is officially impossible to upgrade guardians to higher levels. Or max out alliance beasts.

Whats best: immensely increases the gap between those that benefited from it already, and those that haven’t.

Amazed once again that with so much to fix, this is what we get.


Flare again made some changes to gain maximum profit from the Game.
Madlen, developers are making those changes that clearly shows that they are working only for profit. Now, the game seems to be a “PAY TO WIN” rather than “A Little” paying and hardwork to successful as a good player.

Sorry to say, this update is unliked and FULLY OFFENSED BY ME!
You guys have already nerfed the blacksmith, and now, even the pal chests that we do collect. That’s not fair.

No one, even the top rankers will not like this STUPID change.


Baaaaaaaad move FG! :triumph:

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Just Another poor decision… I swear they are just trying to encourage people to quit…


But why would you do that?

Pfff I can’t follow your mind anymore…
First you give us this feature and then you take it back. Why?
I hope that you weren’t focusing on those things all this time and that there is soon some good news, new content…

You guys are on a roll lately…

First you nerf Blacksmith to the ground, now it’s the pal chests which, if you haven’t forgot…

It was you who changed the free chests to have no expiration time!

This is non-sense! Sometimes I just keep saying to myself: “Why do I keep playing this game?”

You guys may try to add new features and Guardians and whatever… but you know what?

It’s on these “little changes” that we see the “great company” that you are.

Sorry that you have to read this Madlen, because I know it’s definitely not your fault but I had to say this. These were my 2 cents of the day and perhaps one of these days… they may be the last. :slightly_frowning_face:

Have a good day everyone!

  1. you do not need max levels of guardians as example or pals.
  2. you need implement this changes smart

Make an pal event and quardian one and implement
I know guys wiyh 600-700 chests, i think they will get mad;)

But mostly, fommunity should say thank you for themself, as always:)))

Is there no event announcement today?..

Nothing bad with expiration date;
For sure it was bug chests didnt have it,
I even accept this update

Just make it smart and let the guys who have a lot of them to spent them. Not their guilty you changing the rules

Will be AT event:):wink:

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If i understand correctly the chest collected before the change won’t be affected by that change

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I like:) im top or not?

Top 1 right now🤣

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If it will be like this- then its absolutly good update for me

With 2 weeks, you’ll almost never be able to save chests for a Pal/Guardian event.

It’s just killing a nice feature, which everyone was loving.

The way I see it right now, it’s like this:

Community: “Damn, this is a really nice feature”

Flare: “Oh boy… what have we done?”
Flare: Bam, feature killed right away
Flare: “No more ‘joy’ for them. Muahahahaha”


Seems there will be some effect to the ones already collected as new ones go to the bottom?.. is there no event this week… would like to know…

Indeed that change will affect less the old timer players and top alli… :wink:
The mostly affected will be the more recent players and lower alliances.

Another brilliant way to anger the players…