[Feedback topic]: Upcoming change for free Pal and free Guardian chest

We have to think about that subject fairly and honestly.
-first of all, if we want the game we like to still exist, flare needs to earn money from it. It’s a free+ game, so they needs some incentive system for us to spend some money on the game.
-the free guardian chest exploit is a real problem. Flare design a new guardian and probably didn’t get any income from it because of that exploit that gave most of us some crazy amount of yyy guardian immediately from the event for free. That problem needs to be solved in a certain way. Putting an expiration period on guardian chest is a way of solving that…

A compromise would be to only put expiration period on the guardian chests…
(even though the exploit on the free pal chest also reduce a bit flare incomes)

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True. They erased most of my comments too. I said something about one guy being on commission or full time working for Flare. This is more like a metaphor for somebody who stands by developer back having no arguments. it’s not an insult. Or maybe I am right and he is working for them.


The sentence about clown was awesome;)

Pleasure :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Don’t play what? The game??? Because u think i don’t like Cromka’s comments??
Mate I am not that sensitive :grin::grin:
Plus I can’t find where I said I don’t like his comments I said what they are.

Careful now Tommy, haven’t you realised this is Cromkas post and you aren’t allowed to disagree?

Nope, main thing is understand that game will be changing
Its a forever process
They will nerf, reduce and etc

And the main thing for everyone is accept it.
Even here community is splitted. Someone like to nerf nemesis as example, someone wants to not
Flare should do only the things they think are good and not things which complaints here as example.

But players should play if only they can accept rhis changes. If they do not like them- they doesnt need to play.
That was an idea

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Everyone allow to disagree.
Just do not do personall offends and keep topic and all will be fine

-there is instant emotional response (normal when player lose some useful exploits) and the thoughtful response.
-furthermore you have to understand that free player will most often will disagree with paying player opinion, you have to agree to disagree…

Nobody disagreed with you. This is common knowledge . People are shouting because all this changes are affecting our wallets. I pay for a lot of stuff in this game. I want to keep it reasonable. My frustration comes because i decided to give up this game but yet i spent around 1500 euro with this guys. And now you tell me to let it happen and not say nothing.


You pay not for forever stuff
You pay for fun( im say you, mean me too)

Why fo you think it will be worster, this new stuff?
I doubt it will.
Mostly this free daily’s chests are useless for me or you, im sure

Pearl income is pain, i agree. But you need to forge only tge spells, towers, troops, sculls

Max you need is like 35 k per week if you will do all of them.
You can get from pro like 15 k per month or even little more.
From daily farm like 2-3 per day or 60-90 per month
From daily abd war chests like 20 per month
From ninja like 30 per month
Its enough…

Thats why i do not understand this frustrations.
Mostly guys do not want to spent heavily but wants for free

Can you explain why do you need a lot of pearls?

I am (was) a very active player ,making 15-20k pearls a day. With the new melting ratio my 290 inventory slots fill up in one session (1h-1h 30min). I use to clear items before with gems. I don’t want to clear them with gems anymore because is more expensive.(not because I can’t afford , but don’t like being taken as a full). I have all my guardians level 8 except Gaspar and G-5000. The upgrade price is big. All the new runes are a fortune. I achieved this in 1 year and 8 months playing hard and spending money. Now more money is required and I want to know why. When it will end. The pal chests are like you said not a big issue for me but why taking something from you which you had when started playing this game. This stuff will never end.

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So it’s not only about pearls. With inventory slots full why playing. My game was killed and will not revive it with money.

@DORU98 give up bro… time to give up on this game too… Cr1 doesn’t seem to understand

I had a lot of time and enjoyed playing. What do I do with so many pearls ? Maybe i just like looking at their number. This is not the issue. How many or whatever everybody does with them is a personal decision. More money for this game is everybody’s problem. I gave the game already. Being here to tell Flare people what they do with us is not ethical.

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This is how much I work and play. Like I said before How many I need or how much is enough is my decision.000

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it’s cause of people who saved many chests then they like to show off saying i got this many rewards,even some of them posted on forums i remember in last such event.what you think they will like to do? lol,i saw this coming,in last guardian event.now if this is the case,i think then there should be different timer on each each & every chests we collect so atleast we can claim reward when before expire atleast like any other normal chests! there will be expiration timer on each chests,right? or it automatically expires after 2 weeks?

I think it is a very bad move. It will only slow down new and low level players. It is very hard to get good guardian level now.
My feedback: I don’t like this change and would vote against it.

Instead of just moderating, you could maybe explain to us how will newer alliances bridge the gap to the ones that already existed and benefited from saving chests.

People are mostly angry because they can’t see the logic behind Flare’s decisions. Things are just thrown at us out of the blue with no further considerations.

Over 100 replies into the topic and there is no input from the developer whatsoever. You ask us to respect the developers opinion, however it wasn’t even voiced here. We only have the developers decision, that could very well be taken by the same brilliant mind that came up with the 8 day conquest and never bothered to test it before lauching it oficially. (Forgive me, but this is not my opinion, it is a fact. Sadly. Don’t take it as free criticism. Facts are there to be stated, period.)

Unbalanced or not, exploit or not, how do you plan to address the gap that will form between those that used chests and those that will come after this change? Or are we to suppose we got to the game’s final sprint, where no more new players join and all that is left is the current player base that will slowly diminish till game dies?

Newer alliances can bridge the gap by paying money.

It’s a simple logic. Rich alliances pay real money to create the gap. The moment rich alliances lose the ability to create the gap by paying money (which ironically, is actually the status quo), they stop paying. Why pay money when it has the same effect as free alliance?

The result would be simple. Rich alliances stop paying money, poor alliances never pay anyway. Flare would then have to close down because they are not getting anymore money from any player.

Flare should be increasing the gap instead of closing it. Give rich players more opportunities to pay money to create more gap.

The free players are the ones who should be creative in using less tools to fight the paid players. That is how it is for most multiplayer mobile games. Free players should never have the same tools. If a free player can obtain level 3 runes easily, and rich players started getting level 6 runes (which sadly is not the case), then free players will have to be creative in using level 3 runes to fight level 6 runes defense (instead of demanding level 6 runes to be available for free too).

In case you’re wondering, I’m saying all these as a free player. I hope Flare really increase the gap even wider between free and paid players so the game can have a longer lifespan.