[Feedback topic]: Upcoming change for free Pal and free Guardian chest

Instead of just moderating, you could maybe explain to us how will newer alliances bridge the gap to the ones that already existed and benefited from saving chests.

People are mostly angry because they can’t see the logic behind Flare’s decisions. Things are just thrown at us out of the blue with no further considerations.

Over 100 replies into the topic and there is no input from the developer whatsoever. You ask us to respect the developers opinion, however it wasn’t even voiced here. We only have the developers decision, that could very well be taken by the same brilliant mind that came up with the 8 day conquest and never bothered to test it before lauching it oficially. (Forgive me, but this is not my opinion, it is a fact. Sadly. Don’t take it as free criticism. Facts are there to be stated, period.)

Unbalanced or not, exploit or not, how do you plan to address the gap that will form between those that used chests and those that will come after this change? Or are we to suppose we got to the game’s final sprint, where no more new players join and all that is left is the current player base that will slowly diminish till game dies?

Newer alliances can bridge the gap by paying money.

It’s a simple logic. Rich alliances pay real money to create the gap. The moment rich alliances lose the ability to create the gap by paying money (which ironically, is actually the status quo), they stop paying. Why pay money when it has the same effect as free alliance?

The result would be simple. Rich alliances stop paying money, poor alliances never pay anyway. Flare would then have to close down because they are not getting anymore money from any player.

Flare should be increasing the gap instead of closing it. Give rich players more opportunities to pay money to create more gap.

The free players are the ones who should be creative in using less tools to fight the paid players. That is how it is for most multiplayer mobile games. Free players should never have the same tools. If a free player can obtain level 3 runes easily, and rich players started getting level 6 runes (which sadly is not the case), then free players will have to be creative in using level 3 runes to fight level 6 runes defense (instead of demanding level 6 runes to be available for free too).

In case you’re wondering, I’m saying all these as a free player. I hope Flare really increase the gap even wider between free and paid players so the game can have a longer lifespan.


Is there a poll option? Maybe it is worth make one abotu this subject?

No one is asking anything easy or for free Lacuna. Nor are we asking to be treated the same as paying players.

Look at the amount of guardians needed for lvl8. Amount of pearls. Amount of pal food to upgrade pals. Amount of pals needed to reach 12/12 on the alliance pal boost. It’s ridiculously high already.

You know how close we are to reaching any of those after this whole period “exploiting” the mechanic of saving chests? NO WHERE CLOSE! It is gonna take years to get there even saving chests!!! How is that not an advantage paying players have already??

Take runes. Advantage is there also. While 95% of players don’t have 3rd and 4th slots to this day, the paying players already have it + can buy chests unlimitedly.

I really don’t see how the gap has closed as you perceive it.

The lack of a gap perceived in attacks and defences lately has more to do with imbalances to the game, guardians and etc, then with an actual lack of gap between players. Maybe runes will fix the issue in the medium term, who knows.

Also, you don’t necessarily need a permanent gap. Paying players are happy to have stuff BEFORE the rest, they don’t need to be forever in advantage. Rune slots once again.

Now, with this change, the cost to bridge to gap for newer alliances is gonna be multiplied by god knows how many times. We are a mostly free2play alliance and another free2play alliance will never reach us, period. This kills incentive for newcomers.

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Im very paying player
Im run the Phoenix legion with a money as example;)
And i think im not bad raider, 99% of my raids are scroll free.
Now im top 1
But i doesnt have level 8 quardians even i have enough money to buy them all.

The main reason i doesnt need them.
Level 5-6 is absolutly enough

Do not waste money for stuff you doesnt need.
Especially if you have no money for it

Free2pay alliances are no need in the game
A lot of alliances which are useless.

Would be good to die for them and let the players to join the alliances who can run the boosts and etc

Its not offend, try to understand me.
Idea is- we do not need 100 useless alliances .
Better to have 10 good

The benchmark that you set is way out. Why level 8 guardian? Why 12/12 alliance pal boost?

Only paid players deserve max level guardian. Free players should be creative in using level 4-5 guardians to fight top bases. I remember my Sultan was pretty reliable already at level 4. This is exactly what I’m talking about, free players should be creative in using lesser tools. You said you don’t expect to be treated equally with paid players, then why are you asking for level 8 guardians that paid players deserve? That’s really contradictory.

Also, which alliance has 12/12 alliance pal boost (I assume you meant the beast)? I don’t know about other top alliances but not even VL has 12/12. So why would you use it as a benchmark for free players to reach?

If you start thinking as a true free player and start using whatever little you have to fight others who have a lot more (because they paid for it), you’ll start seeing the enjoyment of it.

You think money should create an eternal gap. I think it should speed things up, but everything should be reachable for everyone. That’s where we differ.

I specifically took to RR because when I started I had the clear perception I could get close to paying players in time without spending money. I eventually spent some to speed some things up. Now this seems like further from the truth with each change they bring about (more gems than ever needed, pearl generation severely crippled, etc)

The benchmark is not way out, it’s just a matter of perception. If power/effect of guardians pal and etc increase exponentially towards last levels, then going from 8 to 9 is a jump far greater than going from 5 to 6, for example. If the last upgrades are as meaningfull as their costs, the gap will remain there for paying players to benefit from it.

If the last upgrades are not that meaningful, then we have a problem with game balance, not gap between paying and free players.

Look at the table below and tell me a free player can get there by saving chests. NEVER.

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Disagree with you on free2play being useless. A lot of paying players come from there after taking a liking to the game so as to invest money in it. Myself included.

@LacunaC This is precisely the problem. Game is unbalanced and the final upgrades are not useful at all, so the gap seems non-existant. It’s more a matter of giving the last upgrades their proper value and putting things in their proper place. To much focus on releasing new stuff, very little of it on balancing things properly and making sure what we already have works.

The premise here is a difference of perception, correct? And I’m telling you based on my perception that you can still go up to rank 1 in the leaderboard and be able to defeat anyone in the game without getting max level guardians.

Your insistence in free players being able to get max level guardians (which they still can, by the way, just eventually) is, perhaps, misplaced.

The take-home point is this: If a free player can still climb up to rank 1 in this game, then what’s the problem? The only difference is, the free player will be using less tools to climb.


Never said anyone needs max stuff nowadays. However that is a sympton of major lack of balance or feature design, when full upgrades have no use at all.

I myself don’t see any problem at all with having less tools to climb. I think it is only funny that some stuff is 100% unreacheable even with what you deem as an “exploit” killing the supposed gap. Those that succeeded in saving chests have Trusty upgraded to lvl 7 in all this time. Lvl 10 while saving chests is what? 2-4 years away, not to mention 100k+250k pearls on the way?

Having a sense of progression is what keeps the game going. Looking at the next upgrades and realizing it will take over a year to maybe get there is bad for the game.

Make lvl 10 Trusty or Donkey worth the money, and paying players will gladly buy their way to it. But also leave a path to free players so they can get there in a reasonable amount of time+effort. Everyone is happy.

Without saving chests, if lvl10 guardian ever get to mean something, they will be a forever exclusive perk of those that paid.

Point here is “Saving chests” is not breaking the game, but actually giving players a sense of progression. Save for 3-4 months, progress a little. Rinse and repeat. Remove it, and we spend 3-4 months opening pal chests with 2% drop rate giving us virtually 0 pals. Boring.


It was nice to have some months without an expiry date of the free chests. So a lot of players were able to get a lot of pals and guardians. Alliances were able to maximize their alliance buildings in stronghold or to level up their alliance.

But this was an exception! Free chests always had an expiry date.

There will be some alliance upgrades with the upcoming changes in game. Keenflare needs to earn money. So they have to give us a reason to pay money for their game.

All in all it was a nice move to give us some months with no expiry date of free chests. Feel lucky if you were smart enough to take advantage of this.

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Instead of an expiration date, why not give us a monthly pal/guardian collector event? It would make us eat our collected chests just as much as an expiration date. And we would be happy to eat them that way :slight_smile:

Two weeks is better than the two days of last year, but this past half year of no expiration as been so nice

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… sadly its on deaf ears.
great points from many people about balancing and other issues.
The fact that low levels can run thru bases much higher is just the biggest problem in game. Why bother upgrading much? and more to the point why would you bother spending money on upgrading when the imbalance is so great the upgrades are useless?

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