[Feedback topic]: Version 5.2.2 released

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Thanks for sharing your feedback.

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The video ads (crash) bug fixed?
Oh and FG keeps forgetting to let us redo dungeon (in test defense mode), as promised before

Anyone received rr2 chest for the new version?

Hi Boundingleaf285,

Please note we never released a new-version-chest for bug fix versions between versions, as announced here.
Thank you!

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I have some questions:
-When will be there the next contest?;
-When will Q&A return?;
-Can we know an approximate date about the next update (the one which will modify war seasons)?.

Wow, that ironsource sucks… hardy any offers at all on iOS, not even some video’s for 1 gem. :-/

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ironsouce is not good :nauseated_face:
… less and harder offers then tapjoy
… sometimes no payout and no answer why (Flaregames can’t help :frowning: )
… support requests are really bad @ ironsource

-> In my opinion that was a bad choice of flaregames :see_no_evil:

They d better stop the offerwall at all…cause taking on an offer without assurance that we will get paid is the worst that could happen.

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Never got paid for my offers, submitted help request to flare and ironsoure. No help from either, wated a lot of time. Agree just remove it. Nothing at all would be better than wasting time to get 0.

Hey guys, sorry to hear that you are not happy with this service. :slightly_frowning_face: I have forwarded your feedback to the developer team.

@Madlen I hoped that Free gems service would be same across platforms but moment I opened it I realised that it is not the case
No games to earn gems and seems like tapjoy some silly surveys, sign ups to services and just one page of offers where android has around 5 or 6
So still service is very poor and disappointing but don’t understand why.
Before it was possible to include games and service was generally better now iOS is being left behind … not even mentioning windows. Plus new provider is not having loads of happy customers… More like other way round

New provider rarely or never pays.

yeah dont bother to download any game from ironsource or even do a thing for them, they will only just dont pay…simple as that…


My mates got the pay

lucky for them…but by judging from the reaction on FG forum and on Ironsource forum, it s really an exception to get paid…

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Might be.
Also as i understand its not Flare job to fix it now…

Anyway good luck!

no it s not flare’s job…but it s flare’s decision to change provider.

I hope that except that we dont get any free gems, FG is getting a better service or control or whatever cause it they dont get benefit from that change…well…it sucks.

I can assure you that free players that got some free gems via this service WONT buy any gems…so flare should not expect an increase of revenue from that :slight_smile:

For me TAPJOY never worked;(
I tried some times and stopped it
even pay players use it;)