[Feedback topic] Version 5.2 available now!

(Disclaimer: It can take up to 1 day until you see the new version being available in the stores).

Hi guys, this is the feedback topic for the new version. You can see the text from the original announcement by expanding the window above!

Leave your feedback here!

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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What do you mean by the 9th point in ‘Other Improvements’ section by saying ‘Now 2nd Rune Slot can be purchased by gems’ ?

It was already available to be purchased by gems.
I think Something is incorrect there.

What does this mean?

Upgrading the Blacksmith and the Throne Room now also improves Rune quantity and quality

I have both maxed, can this be explained with an example?

The pearl upgrade screen is nice. But… It would be handy if we also would see number of total forges and number of forges per perk.


IIUC, they mean the second rune slot to place the rune. Now you don’t need 75 forges to unlock it, you can pay to unlock it. Just for 1,000 gems per perk. (Instead of additional 67 perks, I can pay 67,000 gems.)

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This is about the Rune slot that you use in the pearl upgrading screen, not the second Rune production slot :).

Is there also a change at grannies?

All items appear in grey. When I buy one, then a green one appears. After that blue. So I assume that we now only can get cheap stuff (read:low value pearls) for a very low amount of pearls first and later better stuff?

This isn’t really something to be excited about.

For as far as I can check, I must say well done that new 5.2 release.

We have not changed something with the Granny, except a bug fix, which sometimes led to crashes for empty slots. Just checked it on my device as well, immediately got a blue one amongst green. Also no grey items there. Can you post a screenshot? If there is a bug, I might move the comment to the bug section.

Thank you, then it’s a coincidence at my laptop. Can happen. I tested again, green item stayed green. Sorry for inconvenience.

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What exactly means: “Upgrading the Blacksmith and the Throne Room now also improves Rune quantity and quality” ?

Hi guys,

Due to high demand :wink: here are the infos needed. There is a relation between the Blacksmith level and the additional Runes from each slot. Additionally, some Runes are also only unlocked at a minimum required Throne Room Level.
Blacksmith%20Level_additional%20runes Rune_required%20TRL


Got It :+1:. Thanks

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Seems like a nice idea. I will forward it for internal discussion.


It would also be helpfull to only include items that were already forged at least once previously.

Having a bunch of unforged items in the list makes things unecessarily confusing.


It might be useful to other people though like “hey, i could forge this one too”, so no we rather don’t want to remove this.

Figured it out what the 5 additional runes mean. In 5.2 we get 5 additional runes per unlocked rune slot. That’s great! It would indeed stimulate people to unlock more slots.

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There’s lots of people with hundreds of unforged items and the majority of people (even low level kings) have probably over 50% unforged items that they have no intention of ever forging.
All those items are cluttering this new screen, comprimising some of it’s efficiency (making it more time consuming and confusing), on the off chance that you might want to forge a new random item.

I understand your concern, but the current setup won’t be more usefull than the alternative for the majority of people (this was one of the most common complains in our alliance’s group chat about v5.2).
It would require a bit extra work from Flare though.


A filter would be fine, like current wardrobe for items.


That would be a viable solution to this issue and would work well.


I will pass this further. Good idea guys.


Where is that new female Royal Guardian that was announced for version 5.2 on the Roadmap 2019?