[feedback topic]: What could this be?

:smiling_imp: Soon.

It looks like a gate…like the ninja gate🤔…maybe an event with guardians?

Maybe the next update will arrive in this week or in the following one.

I hope it’s a new event… But it looks like legs…

can we get some text hints, madlen?

Is it donkey female ? The new mount? Or maybe another donjon unit? Can’t wait!

a new Guardian ? … Alpaca …there a so cute

Minotaur Royal Guardian? :thinking:


They are legs of a BULL! Definitely, a new guardian… they said, they will add a new guardian in the next update… watch their road…

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Indeed a new guardian, lama with feature spitting :joy:


a new Guardian …
will launch unbalanced …
there will be one-time offer people will buy as the Guardian ist strong …
players will upgrade it using pearls or food …
Guardian will be nerfed and become useless!

Same story as always …


well… the pic looks like the new guardian’s legs… I would go with a bull as @KingAdityaKumar said… nd donkey is already there so it cant be donkey 2.0… I think its a yeti, but its already there in ninja, so it can be

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Now to be serious, it’s a centaur.

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I think it’s a new guardian :blush:

Source: Facebook

The king has become evil!

What the hell? We have been said that the new version is out. Where is it on stores? Please make it available

As always, a new version may take a while to appear on the store…

Just as told by Paste here:

Just keep it calm boy :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was live a few minutes ago… still, i could not see the new change with blacksmith and rewards in battlefield… it didn’t worked

There it’s explained. So be patient, tomorrow it will be released, so now still not available