[Feedback topic]: Wrong information in tech tree (currently running Conquest)

official announcement:

:crown: Kings and Queens,
We apologize for an issue with the currently running Conquest affecting the tech “Upgrade Cost (Watch Towers) - 20%”.
The time for researching this tech was too high (2days,7 hours). Alliances wanting to research it now cannot research it anymore and Alliances who started researching it were blocked from researching something else for a long time.
We will let the current Conquest finish as is now.
Once again sorry for the inconveniences this has caused in the current Conquest.
Thanks for pointing it out to us!
Keep on fighting!
Your Royal Revolt 2 - team

@Madlen hi Madlen let This is Tree BUG ??

2d7h at normal level 5h30m

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And no replys.

Guys you f*d up whole CQ.
Do you guys try to attack tower level 4 in fprest without attack+1?

How its come guys, why?
Even no exuses?

My alliance did a peace treaty with another one which built watchtower at level 4.

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Boring. I have like 10 level 4 towers now🤣 but enemies too and i have no idea how come devs did this move

Hey guys, thanks for reporting.
I have moved the posts to this topic now.
Once again sorry for the inconvenience!
We have made an announcement about this now.

Hi guys
actually watch watch tower cost update error -20% it lasted up to 2d7h it affected the final result of our alliance, we lost all boosts. You know I always watch the time of 5:30 to study the next technology. We are late in technology compared to the general alliance map. Please do something to motivate us, it is very necessary at this time. thanks

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