Female avatar

I know a lot of players have looked forward to this update the moment you told us about it.

The female avatar is disappointing. It looks like the king is trying to get cheaper beer on ladies night at the bar. Looks like the king with a wing on.

On top of this it is even more disappointing that most of the ladies I know have helmets that cover the head. so no change. It would be nice if you offer some headgear to the players here. So they can take advantage of the new update. Maybe a simple crown.

Yeah, the princess should be changed a bit somehow, she looks like a disguised king.

Yes, at first glance there is not much difference, a princess is just slimmer and has a bit different head shape. Though, I’m using that ninja type of helmet so it even covers half of her face so can’t see any difference tbh, unles I move her a bit and see her hair :wink: I was also expecting something slightly better, like that blonde girl who is is the game from the very beginning (not sure what her purpos is), she looks more like a princess/queen. Anyways, not a big problem to me though, got used to a male character after 2 years :slight_smile:

It looks like the granny event will give us original looking equipment to go with the Female avatar. Which I’m happy about. Hopefully they offer enough for gold vs gems so more can enjoy it. It was long overdue and hate that some still have to wait.


New female gear would be cool indeed though I’m not caring that much to change my current gear, I’m ok with the perks I have on them, don’t want to buy new gear and invest pearls for better looking gear with worse perks.

It would be nice if we could change what gear looks like, and keep the bonuses.

You re calling me ugly ? I would raid your empire… But your castle is too ugly


You look like a flippin’ 80’s hair metal band… please rock my world…

Angels & Demons


Hey, that s stryper, with Michael Sweet on vocals…

at least they don t make me fall asleep in contradiction with some …

 jazz guitar players

What can I say… i dress after my age… I do have a helmet with better stats as my crown… But it ruins my looks   :sunglasses: … 

my moto : better die pretty then win ugly

+50 Adjupoints for you, good sir. Well played!


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In battle, the hero should look different from my units so that I doesn’t get lost between 100s of knights that’s why I have a complete gold look. Bright & looks nice.

Adjupoints offer expired before redemption.  :lol: 

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


That would be a great idea. I would even pay a low amount of gem to be able to do it.

P.S. Flare, by low I mean something like 10 gems.

You may need to raid me. Your princess is going to need a massive dowry. Plus I can use the gems now anyway:-p