Female characters

The thing is that I’ve brought a friend of mine called Sophie, it would be nice for female players to be able to play as a queen.  As the game grows it will actually have millions of players in my opinion. I know this isn’t an easy task but it can be done. Many players will really appreciate this. I hope it can be done, the game is pretty much dinamic and fun to play with friends, you guys are doing awesome so thanks for reading this suggestion.  Sincerely,  Nipphu

Hi Nipphu, 


the suggestion for a female playable character (e.g. the rr2 queen girl) is a good one IMHO, though it has been suggested many times already (even more than a year ago already), but by now has never been implemented or at least commented by flaregames. 


Searching the suggestions section for “female” yields among others the following topics as result, all of which are dedicated to the same suggestion: 




I agree, Lets hope alot just leave a message to support thid

Yes, a queen please :slight_smile:

So is there any way we can get an official reply? I mean, if there’s anything planned in a future patch to see this come true, that would be awesome. Thanks everyone for reading ! Sincerely,



Yes please!  I would like a girl character, because I started the game with this totally random and ridiculous name, not realizing that I’d eventually become somewhat hooked on the game, and am now stuck with the label.  Tried to change my name but that’s no longer allowed.  So something that allows me to identify as female would be great.  


Or maybe a prefix? Queen or King to be added before the player name, selected with a tickbox. 

Can we get an official reply on this? It would be really cool to know if it’s going to be out or not, sorry for being so impatient. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:



This needs to turn into a hot topic! Everyone go to your alliance members, asking them to post and support female players!


Its a really good idea!