Female players

Because this is the small talk portion? Names aren’t the sole basis of gender

Skill? What are you taking about? I’m just asking if there a lot of few female players. And yes you actually need skill to play this game. If you’re incredibly stupid even your 100 king will die. You need proper use of troops spells and timing

The post is simple, you don’t understand it?


im only aware of one that i know

How should anybody know how many REAL female players this game has?!?

This question is impossible to answer - nobody knows that.


If you want to pick up women you should probably try your luck somewhere else… :wink:

my twin sister plays rr2, btw.

Duh that’s the point of the post to people introduce? Old man you and your mid life crisis

Let me rephrase it then for smart ass, do you personally know any female players actively playing rr2?

Lol this is funny all you guys are arguing and getting stressed out for nothing. I personally have no idea of any other female players, but My girlfriend use to play a while back but she stopped for some reason. 

It’s just a simple curiosity question, you seem to get it. I’m not sure why they don’t.

does having a gay relative that plays rr2 count as 1 female or 1/2 female?


In this case it would probably be a good idea to start by asking the question you want answered - and not something completely different…

That’s a 1/2 female


*facepalm* The gender shouldn’t matter in games like this. You should only be judged on your rankings and how you raid. Enough said. =P

i like to attack on female players i only know 2 of them one is so hard i can’'t even get 50% of her base and is another one a peace of cake for me i attack her so much to get some attention lol but she hates me  :wink:

there are also TRANSGENDER playing rr2… :stuck_out_tongue:

So king Joelie is transgender or gay :stuck_out_tongue: