Festival Attacks against Phoebe Live Stream

Everyone, join in on my Live Stream starting in 8 minutes to get a front row seat of AwesomestKnightest attacking Phoebe!! This is to show how to beat Phoebe or how to get by Phoebe without dying. WARNING: I may die a few times


Lags like hell …

What level is this? The paths are not even boosted? Does not really compare to the paths and phoebes faced in my festival battles…

But froster dragons kick her butt??

Yeah. Lagging much.

You have a window 10 pc. Why going live? You can press Windows + G to record a video without lagging with the help of xBox.

@AwesomestKnighest If you don’t have a upload internet speed of 10 Mbps or 15 Mbps forget to do livestream. People who do livestream have the internet. That why myself I don’t do livestream.

1 Mbps to 4 Mbps = maximum in 144p or 240p

5 Mbps to 6 Mbps = maximum in 360p

8 Mbps = 480p

10 Mbps + = 720p and 1080p

20 Mbps + = 4K

Your intention was good but you just don’t possess the internet speed for livestream

Yeah, I know. Sorry about that. Didn’t realize how badly my internet would effect it

I’m level 99, and at 3200 trophies (at the time of this video), so it’s much easier, I know, but the combo should still work in higher levels

you did not use bucky.

 use bucky.

Don’t have Bucky, sorry, I was only a newbie back when the Easter Festival was out, so I didn’t know what I was doing  

Hello dear

I wonder what level Phoebe is on. ? great sharing, thanks.

@Exiled, pretty sure it’s only a level 1 Phoebe that I’m facing, based on how easy it is to kill

Even for me as a level 114 player i get most of the time conquered with level 1 pheobes.

well, to be fair, at your level there’s gonna be more wolves and other troops around Phoebe helping it out. Even more so with wolves, cause they’ll boost him

I don`t agree, I face nearly 90% (or even more) phoebes.

No no, I’m saying there are gonna be Werewolf TROOPS that are gonna be helping out Phoebe

Ah sorry, I misread this. Yes you are correct, this is really annoying.

It’s the other way around.

You can’t claim that a combo that works in lower trophy ranges (low levels) will work against higher trophy ranges (higher levels). 

However, it might be possible.