Festival bases gold algorithm should be reworked

In this festival and in the previous one, it’s easy to find festival bases with about 20k gold without considering gold gear, pro bonus, gold token and Kaiser pal.
In 2017 and in 2018, festival bases gave an amount of gold >10 times higher than the 2 last ones.
In this year, I noticed a gold reduction in festival bases from a festival to the next one.
We need gold not only for the upgrades, but also to melt down items (and the request of pearls has just increased due to runes).
We can’t find neither hidden treasures nor chamber of fortune in festival battles.
It’s necessary a rework of festival bases gold algorithm, because actually the amount of gold satisfies only beginners.

I see no change, I just looked at the gold the bases offer as I no longer care for gold, they still offer 500k minimum. Looks like the game thinks your trophy count is to low for your player level, did you drop trophies before the festival to get easier opponents?