Festival & Event Guide & Calendar

being new to RR2 I am experiencing everything for the first time.

I experienced my first Ninja Apocalypse. I experienced the Summer Festival (got me an Aska) :wink:

however being new to the game, I have seen videos on You Tube, and I have seen information on RR2 Wiki,

but what I am not seeing is a RR2 Festival Event Guide & Calendar.

When I played World of Warcraft, there were a collection of guides for each Festival and Event that game had to offer.

(Understanding each calendar year differs slightly) however by going by the guides you had a good approximation of when each event occurs.

It is Sept 4th when I am posting this topic, so I know real world holidays of  Halloween & Christmas are approaching as is Thanksgiving etc…

I would just like a source for approximate times when to expect Festivals & Events. Please Veteran RR2 players reply to this and help a n00b King such as myself.

I want to start squealing in advance with excitement and anticipation  :wink:



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Well, nobody knows the exact times of festivals and events, but usually events (for instance: the Blacksmith meltdown) will take place once a week. Festivals come out of nowhere, nobody knows when they come. If we were gonna have another one, it’d probably be Halloween (like last year) or Christmas (last 2 years). or both!

now FLAREGAMES/KEENFLARE I apologize for this, because no one wants someone telling them how to do things however when I played World of Warcraft, game maker BLIZZARD had pre set holiday and events in game, which once you  started playing, you knew when they were going to happen. (calendar years change dates a little), however you knew in advance what to anticipate and be excited for.

here is what I mean: (going through one in game calendar year for World of Warcraft)

Lunar Festival (takes place in and around Chinese New Year) *sometimes events over lapped.*

Love Is In The Air (Valentine, so February)

Noble Garden (Easter)

Children’s Week (during Mother’s Day)

Midsummer Fire Festival

Harvest Festival (approx Canadian Thanksgiving)

Hallow’s End (Halloween)

Pirate Day

Pilgrim’s Bounty (American Thanksgiving)

and Winter Veil (Christmas)

Now I have seen the You Tube video “The History of Royal Revolt 2”

it shows various events, but it does not say approx when they happen.

This is what I would like to see someone from FLAREGAMES/KEENFLARE make,

or else a RR2 fan website, or on this forum.

I would like to see a guide to Festivals and Events for RR2