Festival: Festive Points to Gem Conversion

Hi… As we have all seen, this summer festival is not much… Thanks to RR2 team, who either didn’t put a lot of effort in making the skin or their effort was in vain… I don’t like any of the skins (look at colorful hans and ugly bela, worst skins)…

So, I have decided to save the points till the last of the event and let it be converted into gems… However, I don’t know if it’s worth it…

I wished to know how this conversion works… Suppose I save 4K festival points (which is beach ball, this time)… So, if I save 4K beach balls, how much gems will I get at the end of the festival?..

Earlier conversion rate was 1:42. I of course can’t guarantee that this will still be used. But when it is, you would gain 4000/42 (around 95) gems.

Having said that, with 5 days festival and 6 possible chests, I think 4k currency will be optimistic.