Festival: Indomitable Basilisk

It’s not a serious bug, rather a funny one… But still, it’s a bug and I thought you should be informed about it…

As topic says, one of the Basilisks I encountered in the festival battle was impossible to destroy… It neither attacked nor showed its HP bar… It was fixed there doing nothing…

As a proof, I managed to capture the video below:

(Once the bug is reviewed by the devs, the above video will be deleted)

Because of that indestructible Basilisk, I got only 2 crowns (which is not important, and I don’t care). Just informing.

Most probably you cannot ‘reproduce’ this bug, but I encountered it and hence I did my duty my reporting it… Hope this helps…

Lol this is like an illness it went from the firebolt- to the snake- to the basilisk- tower😂 who will be next?

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I will fill my base with these! :hearts:


Hello @GrimScythe2001,
This is a known issue which happens extremely rare. However, we do not have any reproduction yet, therefore also no fix yet (although we do have an assumption when it happens).

Thank you for reporting! :rr2advisornod:

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LOL… I thought the problem was with only towers, but even the defending troops deny to attack, as well as die…

That red dot in the bar above the screen reached my tent long before, and they neither attack, nor die… hahaha…