Festival Poll

Her’s the picture ?

Yeah, I’ve gotten these kinds of bases before in festivals. Remember, flare copies other players bases, so it’s not a laziness and it’s not a bug, but instead, just a copied base of a guy who has a completely open base

You should be happy a free 1 Millions+ gold without any effort. Be lucky to find this. a Free 3 crown

I’m definetly not mad, just wanted to know what people thought on this. ?

yeah realy strange to find this on event but this Festival copy ans paste the base of player so this thing happen. Really cool to get one sometime

Nothing special. It has always been that way. Those festival bases are all copies of real player bases. If you’re lucky, you get an open base

it happened before too, nothing new here. Consider yourself lucky, mine were all full and with gate towers. 

I want hard bases.

More battles=more gold=more medals=more workers busy=more upgrades.

Let’s go with Kaiser and GOLD BOOST equipment :grinning:

Its a little to brutal for my taste,  even with boosts I am not getting 3 crowns.  GOLD yes,  crowns NO! 

I want the crowns because I want rewards…  That’s my thoughts. 

James t a


with the change of server who make now Festival boring like hell. I have no doubt now the chance to see a open base is now bigger. So don’t surprise if you see a open base. This server update have make Festival too much easy now. I have a feeling I will see open base

Then, during your raid of this easy base, phoebe pops out at the gate.  In the span of two seconds, it casts Armageddon instantly killing all of your troops, and hits your hero twice, resulting in death.

1 crown.  100k gold.

Hello dears

Chests and Gifts ? ?

Some of us are complaining about everything. I believe that you will have all the gifts soon. 

I have tested myself in each activity. Everything is going fine as long as I’m positive. this is my personal experience.

enjoy game ?

Drop it

Thank you, Exiled :slight_smile:  This is a game, and it’s for fun. Chests are earned and you get what you get. Personally, I won’t get enough tokens to earn Nidhogg, and yes, I’m a bit disappointed, especially since I’ve played every day, and got both chests the first day. BUT, I’ve also gotten some of the festival gear from the chests I have did earn. It’s a give and take kind of thing. Still hoping the last day’s double chest earning ability will boost me to just enough, but if not…it’s still a game. We shall all move on, and those who can’t…well, maybe those that can’t should realize this is just a game.

Hahaha. I was also lucky I found 2 bases with no towers and waves but with beasts. But dodging beast is not difficult at all.