Festival reward - really???

Oh come on flare, your festivals get really more and more uninteresting


First chest = 570 festival coins


after 2 chests: 1.093 festival coins


now with this reward in your „great“ festival chests it is even not possible to obtain a bela for alliance.

not speaking about the ***** temd which are totally useless…


so why should we even play the festival?!?whom you wanna fool with this „event“?

for conversion rate of 42:1 gems at the end *lol*

Too bad.

But you can still farm gold, its a good opportunity.

You think that’s bad? I got a voucher in a festival chest. Not any of the items I can get from festival, no, a flipping VOUCHER. One, at that. ONE VOUCHER!! Thanks a bloody lot, flare. :angry:


Do you have 1000% Luck Bonus??? To get enough rewards???

I think it was always the same value of prize in chests

if u want bella focus on it, buy chests

it is just your luck , i got 1.8k from 2 chest and an item

I got 1k7 but no item. Seems to be the same as usual.

Ok. that confirm probably I will have just enough for 1 item. I have miss like 4 chests right now. i was not present when the festival have start. Anyway its not very important. We can get it via Uber chest. So via Ninja Event or Conquest Golden Chest

It’s all luck, but I think that flare should implement at least 1 Uber reward per chest. The only Uber reward I’ve received this entire event was the “Thirteen” sword

I got no items (which is what usually happens).

Meanwhile, a clan mate got 7 items in the first 3 days. Good times.

Every chest so far, and guess what, 2.8k without any item!!


this is really ridiculuous flare - shame on you

that has nothing to do with bad luck

Glad I got the Purgatory and Testament in the chest but sad I will not be able to buy the Wing with speed perk. Still 2 chest and I have only 2,100. the chance are low that I got twice Uber. So very sad. its close like 300 a chest

i have 5,251 and 3 items, left 2 chests. quite good luck this time.

If you compare some of the other games, FG gives peanuts as compared to the regular updates and items they give to popularize the game.

Chest from yesterday contained 3 ubers for me and a legendary one, plus something I don’t remember any longer. It was a long way ago that I ever got this fortunate. Since I didn’t have Bela, I bought her to have also her in my pal list.

But previous festival it was the other way. Got often less than 500 currency, which will not help to get any possible price when you get that a couple of days in a row. Did need more than 600 with last chest to buy Janus, while I got every chest. It’s too random according to me. When we have 7 days festival (and 8 chests), minimal reward per day should be 600, when highest item costs 4800. That we sometimes find items doesn’t matter, still 600 should be minimum. 

its pure randomness. I open one chest and got 900 and the one this morning just 400. Casino feature. I hate this. Miss 200 for the wing but its ok I miss 3 chest since the beginning so… Still for the one who got nothing. this situation is not really fun for them

I got lucky and received 3 different festival items on the first day.  Around 1400 festival coins, too.  Sweet!  Unfortunately, the rest of the event all went downhill from there and I ended up around 140 coins short of getting Bela.  That’s the second time I fought every one and couldn’t get the pal. ?  Oh well…  Bring on the wars!

Oh, and sorry you didn’t get that wing, Warriornator.  That was one I DID get and I love it.  Maybe next time. ?‍♂️


Hi Kingthunderbolt4,

Sorry to hear that. Have you freed all chests possible by playing?

oh yeah, 15 crowns every day.  That’s ok though.  No one’s entitled to getting everything they want. My only thought is if it’s offered it should be reachable though.

Just curious, but does it make a difference if we beat a board 100% with time to spare and not having to use gems (revive) as to how many tokens we get? Or is 15 crowns 15 crowns no matter how many times we only get 1 or 2 on a board  as long as they add up to 15?  Are the tokens rewards in the chest lessened if we don’t beat a board 100% and have to do more to get to 15? 

It does not matter if you only beat a level with just 1 crown 15xtimes or get 3 crowns instantly every battle, the chest will be completely the same.