Festival skins

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i have some doubts about the skins we can get from festival, have the skins a limit of time like the tokens? how much time it last? or once we buy one we can use it forever? the skins have some special atribute to the troops or are only to change the look and collect the different appearances of the troops? 

i am sorry if someone explain it somewhere but i cant find it. 

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Pretty certain that once we buy it, we have it forever, otherwise we’d probably see a timer on the skin. If it goes away after the festival, I’d pretty upset, cause I spent quite a few gems to get that skin

will these gifts disappear after the lapse of time, they will have to be collected again? Will they pass?

they wont dissapear… just like the skins they introduced with the pals. you can switch between skins by clicking the skin button on the unit


These skins will stay with you (once purchased with festival currency) FORRREEEVVVERRRRR. Yes, they are THAT clingy.


Good grief, now I’m gonna have nightmares lol. What a creepy picture :lol: 

The skin of the two units this time feels expensive than the offer of Xmas 's skin of Pal which I gave 3000 yen.

I think that it will not be collected unless you like the motif.


well  …I want the skin of the hero’s expression.


The mask of Halloween does not represent the change of daily mood, but … There are certainly people who would like to play their own feelings to avatar that they go to daily.

Hi everyone, could u check my participation to the skin event on the comments of this post : https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1895531607222410&id=273256826116571&anchor_composer=false

I made a monk skin on a blue background.

She’s a meme AK, look up “overly attached girlfriend”. Not only does she have picture memes, but has some great and hilarious videos on YouTube! You’ll get a laugh.

looks more like Momo than a girlfriend haha