Festival skull item

Skull 0,0

How nice is that?

Best item i’ve ever seen so far ^^.

But yea quite a problem.

That happens when your king is too low level.

Don’t even bother getting skull items unless they are at least lvl 130 items.

?stil not real nice

This will be a great help in the upcoming conquest for sure!

Hi there, moving this to general discussion - events.

Better move it to Bugs and Problems. Seems devs need to check on this.

Hi there @Aukje9,

Sorry, this unfortunate. But let me explain why this happens.

We want to offer a range of items for all players. This also means offering some high-level perks. Basically, what happened here is that your hero level is too low for the skull perk. (as Arrebimba stated correctly - good job :grinning:

You can however still reforge this perk in order to keep the item.

I hope this at least gives some insight for you.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Madlen, did you confirm or check it with your team? This is a bug that needs to be fixed. I can see the Swordstorm lvl is decreased already for his hero lvl, then why not the skull perk? If the normal skull perk gives 5.6%, it should be decreased as well, at least 1% or even 0.1% but not 0%.

That’s exactly what happened.

Each additional king level increases the skull perk %.

However, his king’s lvl is just too low to even get 0,10%.

If he levels up enough during this festival he’ll start getting some skull% on that item. It’ll start at 0.10%, then 0.20% and so on all the way up to +6% if he levels his king to lvl120+ in the next few days.

I basically agree with you, but what sense does an item with <whatever> perk with the value 0 make?

it is something like 0.0326526

Not zero

I wouldn’t call him too low level Madlen.

I remember already starting to have some skull gear at level 80

So, the only thing fair would be to give him at least 3-4, which is already a low value…

That changes everything then.

He’s probably like lvl60-70 only.

Maybe yes, but even on such level, 0 is too strange.

It’s making the item totally useless.

It was useless anyway. A 1700 Blizzard perk won’t make a difference at such low levels, it is as useful as a skull perk for a lvl70 player.


Bela, on the other hand, is a great buy.

Below at least 3% don’t worth it. good chance i get this one. This one offer me 4.2%. I have no SP right now. So its a great item.