Festival... the gloves are misleading

Well its because the things that LOOK LIKE gloves are actually a sword

wasted my money on that… grrr (ticket open)

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Can only confirm this. Fortunately @LacunaC tol me in another topic it was a weapon.

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I agree, the claws are a bit misleading. However I have noticed that only weapons can have the new small attack rate perk (yellow icon) while only gloves can have the stronger (blue icon) scream attack rate perk so next time you could look out for that.

Right thou skull perks are one a item so is speed?
So given the new things nothing is a absolute right now.

So yes misleading.

Based on my feedback they closed ticket lol… head hurts so further explanation may do more damage. lol

U should notice the attack that was in lvl 127 510,as the other weapons…gloves have lesser,340 in my case so i understood it was a weapon

yes you could infer that… but honestly you cannot guaranty that… hindsight is a wonderful thing.

The basic point is for flare to offer things without ambiguity,