Festival too short

Stop! The festival is shorter and shorter. We barely have time to have an article that is already finished.
We could have a Festival with a reasonable duration, from Thursday to at least the Friday of the following week. Or do it in 2 parts after the conquest, then after the war. Because here it’s unmanageable.
Unless you want us to spend our diamonds … But what interest if we must spend each time to have a second article. I do not dare to mention the 3rd article.
Thanks to Flaregames for doing the necessary to make the Festival a real time and fun game, without the frustration that already in this game is quite common.


What do you want to buy in the festival that you can’t buy with the existing length of the festival?


3 or 4 chests will allow you to buy Hans already. In fact, you can even use the remaining festival currency to buy additional medal tokens/ phoenix token.  The length of festival is just nice. If you want to buy Hans, get ALL of the tokens, then well…just spend some gems. Otherwise, what you can get in the festival for free is already very good.