Festival: What Happened to Gold Amount? 😕

/I am not sure if this is bug or not, so I am not yet posting this under bug and technical issue… If anyone tells me that this is bug, I’ll change this topic from ‘players helping players’ to ‘bug and technical issue’…/

Look at the following two pictures:

What is wrong with these festival battles???..
Too less gold amount… Too easy base… :confused::confused::confused:

The festival battles I’ve been playing used to give me minimum of 300K gold per battle… But this is extremely low- 24K 60K… Two more previous bases I raided were at the level of 30K and 70K…

Is this normal? Does this happen to everyone? Or is this some sort of display error?..

I have kind of the same issue if i can call it this way…but not as low as you.
this is really strange.
I think that flare ,maybe put a cap on the gold you can get in festivals.
In regulars i can easily gain ton of gold while in festivals i don’t know why but a can never even reach the same amount.

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Its a strange festival this time. I had many open bases already. The amount of gold I can win is high. Seems that everybody has opened his base these days.

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Does it happen because i fell in my trophy count?.. When the festival started, I was at 2400 trophy, and now i am at 1700 trophy count…

Am I getting easy bases and less gold because of that???

This is not a true fault of the festival defense line is also a defensive line of a certain player but anonymized.

And, that anonymous defense is selected on what basis? Does it have anything to do with the trophy level of the raiding player?

I sometimes had the same problem in this festival.

Its mechanism is similar to random selection of players in the game, related to the number of The Trophy you owns. If you have a high number of trophy, you will encounter strong bases and vice versa.

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You are getting easy bases because of that, but about gold, I dont know much. Well, it decreased a bit for me, and in some fights, a lot.
When the festival started, I was at 3000, and afterwards, I went down to 2200. The gold was reduced from 500k-600k to 350k-450k and two times, it happened that gold was less than 80k even.