Ring or pal?? What should I buy???

Hey @Dipayan30, in my experience, I think it’s better to shoot for the pal. My reason for this is that you are more likely to get that ring from a chest, whereas, if you bought the ring from the Festival, you might never get the pal you’re looking for. You have a much better chance to get both if you buy a pal from the Festival. Hope this helps you!

Thnx buddy… but is aska or nidhogg more effective than ceres?? 

Can’t say since I don’t have Ceres, but Aska is pretty effective. You might have to ask @LacunaC or someone else who has both Ceres and Aska

  1. Aska.

  2. The boots are a good option if you’re high lvl. If you’re low lvl (less than lvl ~105) don’t bother with it. You’ll probably going to need to forge it quite a bit (at least to around 7000 bonus perk?).

  3. The ring is cool but you can get it from uber chests AND pro chests. Also don’t buy it if you’re low level (if the ring has less than like 5.7% skull bonus, don’t buy it, it’s too low lvl and the amount of forges needed to make it good will take too long).

  4. Fritz

  5. Nidhogg

  6. Irmgard


Personal opinion:-


  1. Ring

  2. Boots


Don’t need Aska unless you just want to add it to your collection because Ceres is better than Aska. (Personal opinion, emphasis added)

Don’t invest balls until you have opened the last chest. It could contain the item you are looking for!

Don’t go with diamond ring. It’s heal is way lower than chloris ring(heal). Try to get heal ring in pro chests and you can get diamond ring in Uber chests(if luck favours you). My personal opinion is go for pals. Especially irmgard. It’s firepower and healing will give you tough offense even in hard situations. (P.s: if you want more troops, go for Ceres and not aska. Ceres will do the job)

I’m a lvl 100(low level hero)?. In this festival, I bought irmgard and I’m really satisfied. While using IRMGARD, try Knight, ogre, wolf with toxic, shield, black magic. You will win 99.99% raids with ease!

now I’m using ceres with chloris ring(1.5K heal), and Knight,ogre/cannon, wolf, with shield, toxic/black magic, pal flute with BLOOD PUMPS. It’s fun to raid. 


I already got the boot in festival chest…

Then keep going down the list.

Just make sure you have Aska before the Festival ends and you’ll be ok.

I already have Aska and Irmgard, don’t want the boots (don’t use pal flute) and the ring is the only thing in this shop I’d be interested in (though it’s just 5% sb but that’s more than my other sb ring). I could go for Nidhogg I need to know how it compares to Ceres. I also have no faith in chest draws.

My personal opinion.

There are already videos on YouTube that will show you how powerful the Heal-Ring is. A level 105 beating a level 125, over 1000 trophies difference. Forged up to 2000, 3000 heal per second makes your hero nearly immortal. Combine it with Irmgard and you have a one of the best combos currently available. So the ring should be in strong consideration, also as an aura ring you can forge it quick to high heal numbers.

Also no gamble if you can forge it to skullbonus as it is already equipped with it. In contrast to the Pro-Ring. So please watch this videos as it looks like this ring is seen as standard in the balancing of the game. Jester Boxes, Phoebe, … will only be a good laugh for you afterwards.

what is lv 90,80,75?? Noob???

what is lv 40-65??? garbage?

Is aska more effective than pro pal???

Otherwise my war set is so weak. So my idea is to get the ring,forge it and replace shield with another attacking spell… should I???

Nidhogg is rearest thing here. My advice is nidhogg 

According to some, even 120 is low level and 121-129 is mid lvl and 130 is high level players! ???(btw I laughed hard for some time) haha

Now I understand why flare treats the players like i.diots. Because they are!

lv 120 low player… geez…

While reading the forum, someone stated 125+ is only high level players! I thought it like trolling and I used the same.I referred that statement for pinpointing flare’s (worst) understanding on players. I don’t know how you understood that, but myself, I’m clear that I’m not the guy you referred to, and myself I’m enjoying the game(that most of us do). I’m now 101 lvl @3500 trophy range!(it’s good lvl for me right now) don’t misunderstand me, my friend! 


I wasn’t talking about you, I meant whoever figured anything below 130 is low level (he needs serious help fast). I know you don’t share his/their opinion. :slight_smile:

Btw I’m level 102 or so (I never remember). Team Noob! :wink: ")

The only thing we know for sure is that Flare considers level 125 - 130 as low to mid level as these were the only ones that got the announced buff for their Pals on offense that should be for low and mid level players only.

So this is the only thing we can be sure of!