Why not make a monthly festival? 

they have did it in the past but too much long. Many have complain and Flare don’t like it. People was able to buy so much items like 3 or 4 on 9. So Flare have decided to drop this at 7 days but against people have complain because was too short. People was able to buy only 1 item on 9. So now I think its 14 days or around. Enough to buy 2 or 3 items

He meant one festival per month

in this case not sure if its a good thing. We have already Ninja Events and War Alliance. Like people have say it in the past we need some time some days off. If you add festival each month. I am sure people will quit the game because will become too much demanding in time. Already Ninja Events and Alliance Wars is too much demanding in time. New players stop playing it after just few weeks. I am in a low alliance and I try many of them and they are all close died because everyone quit. a Monthly festival will kill RR2 for good

I think festivals have been replaced by the one time offers.

but as Warriornator says - yes of course, people will quit a game because there is too much things to do, especially things that are optional.
what people really want, is a game where there is nothing to do, and then players do not need to do anything.