Festivals ?

When Does Festivals Start??

Late 2019 approx

we never know with Flare. They say soon…but can be in 1 day,next week,next month,next year. they will announce it when the Festival will start.

@Warriornator ok thanks

that seem we don’t have the same definition of very very soon.

I quote GalarMorgane in update 3.9.2 : We are really pleased to announce that a Festival will see the light of day very very soon!

Announced Thursday. We are Sunday and nothing. Maybe tomorrow don’t know. We will see…

It says " see light of day" very soon. Doesn’t say we will be getting them. Like a royal baby, may have been born already but will be shown to the pleb-I mean public much later.

@Warriornator hmmm.,?

During the time we wait for the Festival. What we can expect?

I would love to have full set of XP in a awesome armor. close of the Blacksmith Set but more bad ass. If there is no XP perk then my second choice i would love to find inside is maybe speed in glove or why not in a ring. I can be happy if its a special ring festival too :slight_smile: with all rings : Poison Ring,Fire Aura Ring,Fear Ring,etc…I can be happy too if its a pal Festival. Only pal inside. I would love to get my hands on Aska and others

can we expect a surprise? new perk? like I don’t know All magic spells damage up +5000. too much OP? ok why not in a belt Hero HP +4000. Too much OP? alright…let me think…each time your hero is close dead a auto shield appear once a raid. In a belt can be good. Why not…hummmm…out of inspiration

@Flare some idea of armor you can add in the game. The king should like awesome inside.A possibility to get them in Festival

I like this one. Change it in black

I imagine the king inside in gold and black


Not fit in RR2? Alright i can try to find armor who will fit more in cartoon RR2 style


Very close of the same style. Really cool

No discrimination also some idea for the Queen Armor :






if you like orange color



Or give us Harley to navigate the path faster.



Ooh ooh, how about a horse pal you can ride? 

@Jzinsky amazing ??

Brillant idea. I like it. can be cool destroy tower on a horse with a sword and shield :


Can be cool doing this and attack :


I like this one :


a lot of choice of design :




Seems like character from my little pony :grinning:  


I don’t care that come from my little pony lol. what its funny is that can fit in RR2. with the cartoon style I think that can work

 I kinda like having a roving beverage cart following the king (Kind of like they do in golf).   you can decorate it out in armor and stuff if you’d like, but it would serve a dual purpose- refreshing your king, and distracting the enemy was some fine mead… ?


Dilly Dilly