Looking for more information on these. Can’t find thread here. If I don’t get 3 crowns each time do I still advance to next level?

Festivals in Royal Revolt 2? If you get only 1 crown,you will advance to next level.

Moved to RR2

for the next festival

15 Battle is needed if you do 1 Crown

8 Battles is needed if you do 2 Crown

5 Battles is needed if you do 3 Crown

Average if you do 1,2 and 3 Crown

The first day of the festival give 2 chests so you have around 10-15 Battles to do after with a cooldown you have 1 chest/day

you can spend the special currency to buy items or keep it to change them in gems at this end. the ratio is 42:1

Hope that help


So on the following day, I noticed “level 2”. But sometimes it seems that did not change. I had to repeat a level (and the next day it was level 2 again…) even though I got 15 crowns (but not in 5 tries). But I did get all 15.


Am I wrong? Always on the next day is a higher level so long as you get 15 crowns even in 15 tries??