Few Ideas

Could be good could be bad - you decide ?

  1. Runes - equip runes to towers and gear. Runes can give slight to moderate bonuses depending on rarity. Ex: Range Rune on a tower will slightly increase the firing range, Iapetos Rune can slightly narrow the width of the safe zone, etc

equipment runes - rarity of the equipment will determine how many slots for runes there are (Orange - 3 Purple - 2 Blue - 1)

  1. Appearance - Buildings in Olympus slightly change appearance when you level them up, why not towers and troops? Doesn’t have to be drastic but slight change. Also ability to pick colors of troops like we do heroes

  2. Actual Events - this is not referring to a sale/discount event but rather one were players/alliances compete

Ex: King of the Hill - a separate battle map is available during event with many targets. Each target varies in points when captured and length of time held in possession. When initially captured there is an hour or two wait till it can be taken over by another alliance

  1. More Heroes, powers, and islands! ?

  2. Co-op / Boss Battles / Dungeons - players can team up to take on an giant boss of Greek Mythology. Rewards would be greater depending on difficulty. We can keep the whole path/tower system but instead of a gate it would be a giant Hydra or something. Just change the background to a cave, mountain, swamp, etc depending on which dungeon you choose

  3. Real time PVP

Some of these might have already been mentioned - let me know what ya think


Nice ideas!  But better idea If u were in world’s end!

I really like the idea of runes, but I would suggest to make them universal (range, damage, HP, elemental protection)

#5 +1

#5 is indeed awesome. It has potential to open up another end game path that deters players from staying at low levels.


  • fight hero on hero, for the gems!


New heroes:

(King) Minos - if atack with minotaurs, can make them faster and stronger, or just summon minotaurs from the ground (like Cadmus). 

Bellerophon - slayer of chimera, have ability atack with ice to slow down enemies and imune to ice.(Also new beast Chimera, spitting with fire!)

Artemis - goddess of the hunt. Can summon hunds and dreiads (wooden nymphs). Have imune to artemis tower. Shooting by silver arrows.





The complexity of possible defense layouts is enough for me, adding runes would make it more complex and individual, which is not a bad thing but it would also depend on luck, someone that will get many rare runes will have an advantage just based on luck. That I don’t like about it.

New heroes, sure, I think flaregames already preparing some when enough players aquire the last hero.

Boss battles, dungeons and other co-op stuff, I don’t think that someone disagrees on these, similar has already been suggested here and there. We could maybe try to suggest something more concrete to help an eventual development.

You strike me as a very negative person lol

adding individuality in this game is a good thing. Everything is so bland. Also luck is a part of most games in some way. If you are so concerned about people getting luckier than you we can make runes purchasable with gold/wisdom/gems and make them available to upgrade

You don’t have to like them but instead of saying how things won’t work, try building on them


huh? Have I said something about this is not gonna work?  I agreed on most stuff you said, but runes would be overkill in my opinion. If there was a standard defense layout that everyone is adopting because it works best, I would say ok, we need more individuality because this is getting bored, fighting the same defenses over and over, but as of now you see something different, everyone having their own individual defenses. And for now, it’s enough for me, if the best defense gets discovered and everyone starts building it, we can talk again… 

Runes, king of the hill, events of that ilk i saw on War Dragons and just found them irritating. Co-op on big bosses with no troops sounds interesting, but i dont have faith in Flaregames ability to implement anything new, theyve only just got the game running close to normal after 2 months, and i expect prestige to mess it up again. On the other hand, theyve had months to plan an hopefully debug the prestige inclusion… 

 Hows that for negative Det?:)?

It’s all good lol

im holding a funeral for my liver today - gotta love holiday weekends

sorry tzo, my post didn’t make much sense

Next weekend we can hold one for Olympus Rising:)

How about a way to allow us to fight using multiple Hero’s. Maybe against a giant mob.   For instance to beat hydra islands you have to beat a snake that is larger than life and requires careful use of multiple heros innate abilities.    Players that are past previous levels could go back and fight these battles and have it scaled to their level with a similarly scaled larger reward.   Have the reward for these battles a mythical item, something that goes into a new slot and offers an additional ability with limited use.  Like once a day power.


also a big fan of the multiplayer ideas and also maybe some kind of item rewards for quests you could add another level of dungeon that once a player wins a battle they enter another area with other tasks etc.  Maybe make unlocking new heroes dependent on completing battles in different realms.   Like the Underworld etc.



All are good ideas, but you know how long have them taken to implement just the prestige system? It would take forever for them to implement your ideas if they want to accept your ideas.

I agree with most of this as well. Also, the interaction with alliance mates as well as enemies. That is why a lot of other games are so successful. There is an active chat and your able to communicate with others outside of your alliance in game.  Also it kinda sucks being stuck in the little area waiting for people to show up to attack and what happens when your surrounded with people you can’t attack. At that point people will lose interest and game over.

Some great ideas on this thread… sad it hasnt even been acknowledged by any moderators who have been very quiet of late. (Hoping its just because u are all working so very hard on this new update) ?

Theres that old saying ‘no news is good news’ this does not apply to you. Can u please give us some information about what u have planned in the next update, when will the next update roughly be released… anything. It cant be that hard.U have already lost a lot of players/ customers with many more flirting with the idea if things dont change. Much like a dancer at a strip club, myself and many others are willing to throw money at u if u just get ur shit together… I guess time will tell ?

Hello there :slight_smile:

Be assured that we read through the suggestions and give it a thought.

Thanks a lot for sharing your suggestion and your interest in the game, keep an eye on the announcements page for any changes!

Well then why has nothing been done? Things as trivial as a world chat, a private msging system and battle logs are still missing from this game not to mention the lapetos tower is still broken, gryphon problem still unresolved, just to name a few. All youve accomplished since ive been playing (almost 2 months now) is tweaked a few things whether it be the trophy system (which initially only needed an adjustment for a loss), heroes, troops, towers etc… there has been nothing new introduced… surely u had some other ideas (aside from this ‘prestige’ system) ready to roll out aside from us battling for meaningless trophies day in day out when u released this game.

Actions speak louder than words and with this new update youve just showed us ur true colours, that ur all about the money and players will just have to suck it up and go along with it which is very frustrating because u have such a potentially great game here where u could have easily made $$$ without losing ur integrity (a common trait with these apps sadly ?). Sry to come across negative but im just calling it like i see it ?