Fewer trophies gives more Gold? LVL 60+

Dear Insiders.


I am currently at level 60+ and in need of gold (obviously). I don’t care for my leaderboard-ranking or winning tournaments - so trophies and medals are not the issue.


Here is my question:

Does the amount of trophies i posses influence the amount of gold I get from a random raid?

If yes - how low should I drop?


I don’t use the match-making algorithm to find my target so the 200 trophy margin is not an issue. (or should I?)


Pleas don’t discuss the fairness of trophy-stripping or -dumping here, there’s other threads for that issue. 


Thank you for your wisdom!


I dropped down to 2400 just yesterday and only saw 100k which means nothing to me but I was in 2700 then saw an average of 200k

Lower trophies = higher gold.


However there is an overall cap in the gold mechanic. So your loot will drop no matter what your level.


It is better to be a few hundred less trophies though because of the initial “good loot” plus you will be able to raid the bases more easily without any slip ups.

To summarize:


There is a certain  amount of gold I get for a raid that does not depend on the amount the gold my opponent has lying around unprotected. This base amount sinks with every attack (no any player) and take a while to regenerate.


Is this amount depending on:

1 - my king level vs. his king level

2 - only my king level

3 - my trophies vs. his trophies

4 - only my trophies

5 - the strength of the base



And then there’s the gold my target has lying around unprotected. It’s obviously depending on the amount he has.


But is this gold: 

a - reduced due to a high difference in levels (or trophies)

b - completely protected from attackers that are too strong

c - completely paid out to the victor when he wins 100% - no matter how strong/weak



Did anyone figure that out yet???

The algorithm is quite complex and confusing.I would think that it depends on trophies cuz I can’t see gold from someone in 3.5k range (I’m around 4.2k) but a top 10 player can get 500k from me despite the margin is bigger than me and the 3.5k king (1.1k vs 700 margin)


Meanwhile in my lower level account , I’m seeing a lot of 250k bases when in 2k range but once I drop to 1.3k all bases gave me less than 10k 95% of the time.The gold increase again when I start climbing up to 1.6k range.


So I conclude that you won’t see gold if you drop too low that the bases around you is too weak for your king.It is king strength vs base strength it seems with trophy amount also taken into account.Other people might have better answer though.

Lets try an easier question:

I am on lvl ~65, roughly how many trophys should I have to get max loot?

Level 75 now ca 3100. =>> 64 ca 2200 :slight_smile:

I am not sure how does the gold calculated, but the first few raid always give you more gold than the last few raid. I heard that if you attack someone’s base with 400 or less trophies than you, you will get less gold.

This mean if you have problem to win the raid around your trophy level, it is not bad to drop a few trophy. So you can win most raid that you encounter. This could be wrong, just my personal experience.