FG, give war boosts reward to all alliances affected by new unfair lb system

On the map, 2 top alliances with 120 fiefdoms and 4 mid-level alliances starting with the same number of fiefdoms 67, (more than 30 below)

Day 1:

  • Mayas loses against 2 alliances of his same level farming about 370k skulls, and is penalized in loser bonus.

  • 7.6 also loses 2 fronts, a front against an alliance of his same level but the other one against a top alliance, farming about the same number of skulls than Mayas, 380-390k, and gets the double of skulls and lb!!!

Day 2:

France 98 and Alianza Hispana loses by first time 2 fronts each one, but France 98 loses against Alianza Hispana and Alianza Hispana loses one of the 2 fronts against a top alliance, again who doesn’t lose against a top is seriouly damaged when France 98 loses at both fronts by only 5k skulls of difference. 7.6 lose only 1 front this day but again against a top alliance, his adventage keeps growing. The 3 alliances farm about the same skulls in all their loses, but they get very different and unfair rewards.

What is the sin Mayas and France have committed? To be at the opposite side from the two top alliances on the same map, question that is not their fault.


Not only for tops alliances, because now you can neither compite against alliances of your same level if you can not get loser bonus from top alliances, the only lb that cares with this new system.

There are on the map alliances of the same level fighting between themselves AND AGAINST AN UNFAIR SYSTEM SPENDING GEMS AND ALLIANCE GOLD IN CHAMPIONS, so we all deserve full war boosts reward after season.


NOTE: The first two screenshots are from day 1, the 3rd one is from day 2

This new rule is shitty for all alliances. Fg brought that change so that low alliances can fight 120 fief alliances but they forgot that there are many low level alliances of equal strength with different number of fiefs





With old system- Hk and Todea would eat u with no way.

now u have chance to beat them( hk i mean)

i dnt think this lb system are good for anyone exept APO and VL. Cuz only Apo abd VL can beat everyone even with less LB.


but i think no need make drama here, im sure this map would be same result for Spain, but now you have chances( my opinion)


Ps but im agree. Very strange lb system.

Just dnt agree with boost for everyone

Todes and HK can’t get the 3 first places, there always was a chance for a 3rd alliance, now and ever. But now the system is unfair for all alliances on the map.


The diference between top alliances and the rest is not the 120 fiefdoms, is the money, everybody knows it. And it’s so coz Floregames has evolved the game this way. Tell me about VL and Apoc winning with less lb next time you have to fight against alliances with 1 million of skulls in lb earned in 2 days and you get 50k per lost.


What is the sense now in a system when the lb keep growing even when you are not losing?

Day #2: 7.6 has 624,268 skulls for a lb of 7.2% (check first post)

Day #3: 7.6 wins his front and has again 624.268 skulls for a lb of 8.1%!!! and other alliances have added more skulls to their lb, 200k or more skulls per lost.


How can you compite this way? this is a fair fight?


Btw, is not “Spain” is “Alianza Hispana”, 2 different things

Sorry for alliance name, i named Spain, mistake.

in old LB it was clear

hk 1, todes 2, 7.6 -3

now you have chance, i think.

do you think your alliance can beat VL with 

6-8% of loser bonus( equal 1 mln sculls?)

i really doubt! But may be, i dnt know


about % growing - it was always, cuz pool is increasing.



btw, i dnt like this system too. Its only good for VL and APO as i said. For me its clear, for EVERY other alliance its bad new stuff. 

But i have no idea about how to improve it, and i really against- everyone will get boosts.

they tried to give middle alliances( like Tld, italy) chance to win Top alliances.

but seems it was bad try

  1. I didn’t say “my alliance can beat to VL”, check again, but you said "VL and Apo can beat everyone even with less LB " I doubt about everyone. Nevermind, i am not talking about VL or other alliance, i am talking about new system.

  2. “about % growing - it was always, cuz pool is increasing.”, wrong again. Never happened this way when you stop losing and the rest of alliances lose farming about the same number of skulls you farmmed when lost. The pool evolves balancing the bonus, not giving extra lb when not losing. But now, even when you don’t lose, you get more lb because there are different coefficients for each skull earned by losing. Totally unfair.

1 no, im sure vl will beat rl/ todes with less loser, also apoc will do same. I dnt know how many less, ww will check someday later. Its my opinion, may be im not right


2 hm i checked another thing. % growed even u stopped lose. But let it be, its not so important.


i still think we need loser bonus only against team you lost. But for sure there would be a lot of complaints 


so i will not answer more, im sure they saw ur message and for sure they are thinking what to do now

“It’s very important” when an alliance of your same level is beating you with better loser bonus and the bonus you get by losing against them is compensated for an extra and artificial bonus they get when they are not losing. So their adventage keep being there doesn’t care you do.

I hope too they change this unfair system.

Totally agree! This new loserbonussystem is unfair in wars with Mid-Level-Alliances!

If there are two Alliances A an B with nearly equal strength, Alliance A is only a little bit stronger in scoring and has only one more fiefdom in the beginning:

  1. Day one: Alliance A wins -> Alliance B will get “normal” LB
  2. Day two: Alliance A wins -> Alliance B will get “normal” LB
  3. Day three: Alliance B will win cause of the LB -> Alliance A will get only 30% of LB and THE LB F ALLIANCE B STILL INCREASE!!!
  4. Day four: No chance for Alliance A, no chance to get “normal” LB, cause they have two more fiefdoms!!!
  5. Day five: …

This is really unfair! We are forced to lose our wars in the beginning of war seasons.

Flare destroyed the war system, cause they are focussed on Vanguard and Co.

This will bring this game to an end! Most of us do not play this game cause of the proleague!


Flare never focused jn top alliances.

They tried make system to beat Top alliances by low and mid.

Its strange new system and i sure they will fix

Most of us do not play this game cause of the proleague!

What a problem with pro?


Cromka dear, you dont seems to understand the concept of loser bonus, the old or the new one, at all…do us a favor and leave this matter to those who understand and have experienced both the old and new LB system pros and cons :slight_smile:

My mistake

Seems TK( turcs) need only 5-6% to beat apo( and for sure they can beat VL now with this bonus)


Tnx a lot for ur kind)

Yes for sure i making wars in VL and dnt understand loser bonus system.

So so shame for me(

Could this be true (3 of your posts before)? Even more after saying other sentences as " Its my opinion, may be im not right",  " But may be, i dnt know ",…

Please, don’t mess more if “you don’t know or may be are not right” . World doesn’t turn around VL and top alliances.

I just started this thread asking for some compensation for all alliances involved on unfair maps, if other alliances are stronger, you can lose, if other alliances make deals, you can lose (it’s a strategy game ), but now you ALSO have to fight against a UNFAIR system giving EXTRA lb even when not losing or you are too far away from a top alliance.

Can unfair rules make a fair game?


I don’t want noone answer me, i never said that. I just asked if you could keep your word, but seems is not possible.

Of course, rules (laws) can be unfair, it has happened many times throughout of the history of humanity.

I told i will not answer flare more.

Dnt see ur point here


Btw they will fix this LB im sure, but mostly  i like this new rules.

Hope will be no compensation

With the pro boosts, the war boosts are even less attractive, Alliances may just not bother dropping fiefs and ignore wars completely =)

Mid alliances need a chance to grow, it’s ridiculous having 5-6 on 120 and the rest on 50% of that.