FG, I wonder if you have not the ablity or just don't want to fix the bug?

Form now on I can tell the video issue must be a bug, 'cause lots of players get this problem.

If FG can’t or just don’t want to fix that?

Someone say like that “this game runs for 2 years…”, but look Blizzard’s WOW, how many years it run?

Don’t FG want to be a game company like Blizzard? Or you just haven’t think about that, it’s a so far dream of you that can’t even touch?

It’s so pathetic that you can’t fix this bug, it should be so easy.

well that’s what happens when you roll a update quickly. Just be glad you can play the game!! Myself and many others still cannot play since the update due to it crashing every time the game is loading…

So I would gladly have the video problem any day over this. Try not to take things for granted cause it could always be worse…


Until they fix it you have some options, according to reportings from other players: Ask your alliance to kick you out
(if you can contact them somehow), then you should be able to play at least. Or login from another device (e.g.
bluestacks.com on PC), if you are on android, and leave your alliance yourself. Or play on the other device and stay
in your alliance, if it fits you. It’s easy on android, just add your (old) account on the new device and start RR2.

yes that’s true, did have the alliance kick me but tried to rejoin and now can’t do that, only worked one time. Unfortunately I’m on WP phone so I don’t have another device or computer to use but yes that would work for others