FG is slowing down again with the feedbacks...

I noticed you have been really fast with the feedback in the last few days. And now you are soo slow again. Seriously?? I really hope you would read this and make this thing faster cause I can’t wait anymore

Is this regarding the support or the forum involvement?

Regarding Forum: we’re preparing something :slight_smile:

Probably support… It’s been over a week that I’m waiting for Flare to switch my accounts.

I believe he means forms activity. It appears that way as well from my point of view they where they were here a lot then it just died off again. It is IMO understandable though as if there isn’t any news or stuff to talk about they can’t just make up random things to post about can they?

so whats the sneak peak jack? lol whats being prepared?



It’s nothing that special (don’t expect too much!), but I’m quite sure it will be great for our forum community :slight_smile:

More on this possibly on friday!