FG, please do an introspection

FG, what happened? Why so many players are leaving. Players who were the fortress for this game, kings in their own right have left and more are following suit.

Where did you go wrong? Is it the greed? Or you were incapable to sustain the glory of this beautiful game.

I am very sure that you will not be providing your data here. How many are still playing the game?

Anyways, I believe letting out some greed and giving more to your customers will not bankrupt your company. It might bring your own back to you.



we dont know statistics, only FG know how many people is playing daily.

Cannot give more likes today, sorry. Some companies they think they can get away with everything. Without any bit of respect or whatsoever.

Instead of feeling ashamed, they even knock on their chest when they see themselves in the mirror. We players should look into the mirrors ourselves. Yes, I have been a fool, promoting this game for so long. What was I thinking, similar like trusting a wolf protecting a pack of sheep, the outcome is same.

Inspect? They even don’t test. As soon as we discover a new bug, we only hear, we will inspect it and fix in a future version. Why was it not tested at all, before releasing it? 

A beautiful game is RUINED.  I can’t belive FG is so blind. You will pay for your greed when this game will become a wilderness of players. 

Sadly I don’t have take screenshot but few hours ago i have play my game WWE Champions and like the majority of professional companies. They don’t fear to give rewards or compensation if a bugs or problem or change happen and scrap the fun of the players. in WWE Champion because of the update we got. The ranking of VS Player have change so they give us the full rewards. I have got the full rewards. Only top player can do it. So that allow me to collect token to improve my rosters

in RR2 the problem over 4 years its Flare don’t respect anybody,players or whatever. Fear to give rewards, Don’t give compensations for nothing,etc… and only thing to milk player money

Just for once I just want to write a positive post. No I cannot. Because what Flare do each week make us frustrated,anger and more.

Just show us more respect and more love for once in your life. I still waiting since 4 year to see a act of love and respect. Still Don’t happen

the reason why this game is ruined like all of their games is because Flare have a huge lack in knowledge about video games. they know nothing and that hurt each of thems

Dawn of Steel had the potential to be number 1 best game. they ignore it and left it die

Evoker had potential to be a best card game. they ignore it and left it die and will erase it August 22nd

Throne of Wars had potential to be a good game. they ignore it and left it die and erase it

Wartide had potential to be a good game. they ignore it and left it die and erase it

and so on…

Nonstop Knight had potential to be a good game. they ignore it and left it die


the lack of knowledge hurt Flare

I have a feeling what they do. They don’t take this in a serious way. I think its just a joke for them. Create games,ignore it,erase it. Create more new games,ignore it,erase it and so on…

You cannot think or act like this. Will never work

Yes the 63 gems in the BIG GEM BOX was an absolute embarrassment. I get more than that in the 2.99 daily gem boxes and I didn’t have to wake up all through the night for it.

They did to us what Pierre Woodman is doing in his castings many times so far- isnt it the act of love? :wink:


They have knowledge, they created rr and rr2- great games but… something went wrong. Bad decisions- like microsoft destroyed lumia smartphones.

Also lack of communication with players- some devs ideas are plain [word removed - inappropriate] and at the same time we-people playing rr2 passionately- were giving many advices which a lot of them were easy to implement to the game or were just a minor changes but really helpfull.

How long did it took to switch off dragon animation?

Why people cant donate gold at a daily basis but have to stick to certain hour?

Why they didnt stopped pro league for some time to solve problems with cheaters?

Why there are so many pals and so low amount of pal food around?

Now their actions looks like trying to solve Rubics cube, they solved one side and destroyed opposite one at the same time. There are to many exceptions inside the game mechanics which are hard to balance. Rules should be as simple as possible : resistances, weaknesses etc… 


Someone was planning/designing all those changes and someone approved them - not sure which one is worse. Game was growing like a cancer, devs were making decisions to convince people to spend gems, they were creating content which was and still is based on alliance gold and now we are facing side effects------> balancing problems and low quality new content designed to earn more $ instead of maing game better, bug free, simple and joy.


*Im not using subscriptions as an argument because it would be to easy to criticise :slight_smile:


It seems alliances that did research +3 raids will get alliance gold back. 

What about the research for extra troops in watchtowers which did not work either?

Giving back the cost in gold, of this research, hardly compensates for the major cost in wars when the extra fights were not available nor the fact that you could have researched another option.