FG, think for a while!!!

I think 90% (or more) is dissatisfied with the game. My alliance members feel like being cheated all the time, and I feel like a marriage going to a divorce (the problems are higher than the satisfaction, making me despondent).

I have no more the pleasure to enter the game and fight for gold, war and renown. Why? Beacause FG has the worst ideas-men/business that I ever seen in a game in all my 31 years. Maybe they are blind or dont have a look in this forum either.

FG doesnt have a staff to come here and listen the member’s petitions, to give some answers to the suggestions made. They leave everything to Aether (she does a great work), looking like her work is calm down people. But we are OVER OUR HEADS! That’s enough!

Treat ur players with more respect, like clients. That’s the basic principle!

Cant u see that ur not making a good propaganda for ur company? A dissatisfied player/client becomes two; two becomes four; four becomes 8; and so on. You are making a reverse propaganda.

If nothing changes in a month, I will withdraw with my whole ally to another game that respects its players.

And here I make a call for all the forum members to join forces with me and make this thread the biggest one, and fight for our voice to be heard. Thank you!

at the risk of chiming in once again today, perhaps where I might not belong and slightly out of my element, allow me to offer a counter-point from diffrent eyes.


of corse, I do not speak for FG only my editorial…


Imagine if you yourself created an app with a cute pink cartoon of a jewel. goes right on your phone. and when people touch your cartoon it ships you cash money. what would you do? you might say hells yes and find ways to make the user use more more more, eh? after that you might become amazed at how powerful your app is and see just how far you can push it and addictive you can make it.

what they are doing is no crime in this tech world. nor is it in the boose or gambling world although those are older forms and regulated with support for those who become dependent or worse.

this isnt set up to diss FG. and they are not robbing you. the normal rules for exchange of goods and services dont apply in this world. try reading your terms of service or for any computer program u put on yer phone and see.

these micro pay apps are extremly addictive. in the future. they will seen as dangurs as smoking cigarettes but you still see it as a winable video game.

as far as there conserns for you as a client, and here at the forum, again maybe you looking at what this really is all wrong. there intrest in what we say here (and they are interested) is to define your demograpic, spending habbits, ect. in order to find more people just loke you. thats why all the contests that require screenshots and IGN and FB accounts. all helps them marcet to your demo.

peek-a-boo lolz

dont be mad them. they doing there job. its just not the job u think it is.

if your having trouble putting this app down, consiter talking to a doctor about what the issue might be.

after understanding all this u might even gain an aprecation of the amazing power this app has and admire the genus of it all.

now copy this post fast. they also have rights to delete me entirly from this forum if this info is deems contra. :grinning:

try to enjoy it for what it is.



also real quick ill point out you can have a wonrful gaming experiance FREE here simply by remains behind the thunderstorm that is updates. eventually, like the event going on this weekend, the free player is allowed to catch up at a discount to the player who payed for his edge…

if that were the desired effet to make a video game they could carge us all 5 bucks and do the same. thats not what this is. hoho

Just to FG memorize the forum full of dissatisfaction. For them to see the crap RR became thx to them

If they have “BRAINS”…

They will think…

Maybe the zombies ate all their brains…