FG, you disgust me

I knew this event was going to be terrible when I woke up, but to find out about the bug (only for those who were up at that time and also fixed in time for people sleeping still), banning paying ACCOUNTS based on suspect proof (like IP address only), banning accounts for TJ when traditionally TJ has banned access to those accounts, 12h CD periods to allow anyone willing to pay to bridge the gap on all forging they might have been behind on for 227 gems when others upgraded naturally or sped up for 12-15x the cost.

What the hell are you guys thinking?  Still a bunch of players bought gems, opened another 120 chests, only to find out, still no 5th sp item.  Meanwhile, people playing less than a year can call out 30% sp due to luck and this ridiculous CD period.

The general feeling I’m getting from alliance chat is, ‘this is the last time I’m spending gems’

Just so we’re clear FG, it’s the last for me too.  I really want no further part of your company going forward either.  I’ve invested a lot of my time into the game and brought other players in and I enjoyed figuring out all the math behind different things.  But, you’ve pretty much ruined the game for me since the introduction of uber gears.  Today’s actions and this event really are the icing on the cake.  

Also, it’s nice to see your Dev’s are visiting Olympus Rising and viewing things on the forum there, yet consistently skipping RR2.  Just further cements in my mind that you guys are milking every last penny from this game and consider it dead.

What did they do to cheat using Tapjoy? And if they cheated, they should be banned, shouldn’t they?

Apparently, it’s a VPN thing. I have no clue otherwise how it works.

This whole episode is bizarre, but I do agree with a lot of what Heldeep said, especially the latter part that those of us who have been grinding out perks have gotten screwed more by Flare bugs than by any cheaters. I wish Flare would hold up their end of the bargain. I don’t think anyone who cheated the system should go unpunished, though.

I’ve probably made my last in-game purchase if Flare doesn’t clean up this mess of bugs, crashes, and cheating. I was once the life of the party where I went in this game, but now I hardly even chat. The game is starting to bum people out. A bunch of guys in NA just quit because the game got out of hand with all the perks and bugs. It’s sad that Flare is letting the game run into the ground by bad gameplay foresight.

stop whining. Play or don’t play. No one cares.

i play clean i don’t have any record of illegal in game… Tapjoy forget it even now vungle has no offer for us…

windows phone has no option to compete with android in terms of shortening updates n others some features…

ninja event uber chest r just joke no new uber gears all crap items n repeatedly given…

Some day we will definitely get uber vouchers or uber gold in it…

Flare must think about all platform equally…

if we don’t have any offer from third party app like tapjoy gems then remove from android too… Equal in all platform…

Flare this steps r making huge difference in each platform…

you r laser focus in development in android n ios but not for windows… We still have more crash before COF, which is not fixed yet…

Don’t screwed us alot… Or else u will definitely loose ur legal gems buyer from windows platform…

Little bit off topic but flare is useless no development for windows…

I think the problem isn’t Flare not doing anything for Windows users, but ad providers not interested on Windows operating systems because they don’t bring enough money, that’s how that kind of thing works in games, Flare can do nothing but wait for providers to get interested on Windows and give us ads.

Then you just pad out the offers so the game is the same on all. Sorry its a lame excuse to blame ads…

Flare are the architects of this so they can do it.

If there is no active ads avail. Then pad out. With ads for their own stuff.

Or gosh, just complete it like they did get one?

Really getting tired of lame excuses and misdirection… a bit of simple honesty goes a lot further.

IE … due to disparity in the delivery of ads to all our players equally, flare games will make the minor changes to ensure equal opportunity and access to in game features…


You’re really missing the point and I guess you have no idea how ads inside games work. Flare can be the owner of the game, but clearly it wasn’t the devs the ones who pad out the offers because the feature is still there, they’re just not working (like not linked to anything), and that’s the providers fault, and that’s another enterprise, there’s nothing Flare can do to fix it, only ask the other company and what’s going on and they already did. I’m not on Flare’s side, it’s just the truth of the situation.

Forget the AD providers,

I mean we buy gems. We & Flare team is enough together to short out anything. What’s the point for third party? Bringing them just to make another lame excuse.

Just give us this. Whoever buys gems, upgrading time shortens 20% of it.

If a crash occurs give us a compensation of 5 gems.

If COF crashes in the event pay the skulls or Ninja buttons immediately after a complaint.

That’s all…

It’s not that easy, they can’t give prizes immediately if a crash occurs, if there’s a crash that means the code got something wrong, so the code itself can’t do something like:

If (ImNotWorking) Then { give gems } 

:lol: :lol:

If that is so then why does the tropies gets added or deducted. Why the skulls increases accurately. Just putting up lame excuses won’t hide the truth.

they can do it but too lazy for the rest of the world. As the German & Canadian players are majority in iOS. So they don’t listen to the rest of the world.

They banned all the Android players just putting some lame excuses of vpn cheating. They don’t work hard to stop this to happen in future instead they just banned the players & says their work is done by adding one another rule/policy to the TOS.

Shut up! It’s enough, it’s time to work really hard.

Trophies and skulls are awarded correctly because the code works fine in those moments, if you read my comment above, you can see that crashes means that the code is not working, so there’s the huge difference:

Give gems when a crash occurs = Would imply the code knows when itself fails, (not possible for it to know when it’s not working)

Give skulls and/or trophies when necessary = Code works so the code itself knows what to do on those moments.


I think your whole premise here is misdirected…Flare can do whatever it likes whether they use ads or not. Restating its broken validates nothing.

The system in place has issues and its flares problem to fix … period end of story.

Excuses and pointing the finger is lame … sorry,

And yes I do write my own apps and yes I have complete control OF WHAT HAPPENS IN MY APPS EVEN if it means removing lame ads or choosing a different source.

And yes I can easily code around issues with ads not working.

I suggest you stop trying to blame others for flares choices…


What you can blame flare for, is that they don’t test thouroughly before releasing a new version.

As a fact they search for a Q/A tester. http://www.flaregames.com/jobs/qa-tester/

So I can only say they are working on it. So if someone around their location is interested and has the papers for it…

In case of video not working, you can’t blame them that they don’t get a link to the stream of a video commercial provided by a supplier. That’s a complete black box for them, but you are right, they could indeed provide a video of their own instead of showing that there is no video available at the moment. Do they get cash for showing a commercial of their own? I don’t think so, so is that interesting? Probably not, flare can’t live from air. So I would also not promote my own software if I were them.

If any supplier has a problem (meaning flare doesn’t get any revenue from it either), I definitely would not give free stuff away, they aren’t Santa. Sure, it’s not fair that some players don’t get any video offers while others do, what do you expect them to do? When suppliers don’t really care and don’t fix it after asking them, you have to accept it or search another supplier who will listen. Fact is that there aren’t many suppliers out there for videos, delivering service worldwide.

At least we can expect flare to test their release better, some recent problems are obvious caused by not enough testing in a real situation.


Yes the money they get most likely goes in a circle to fund their own ads… so no real revenue

Showing their own ads ? So is letting a advertising opportunity be missed of any benefit to flare? No its a wasted opportunity.

This is a value-add opportunity and maximizing their exposure it costs them nothing.

The false premise that ads are a requirement for boosts or shorter build times is stupid… flare can do what they like .

Yes its a mechanism for having in app ads but its not a absolute requirement of the function.

I am so glad many of the people commenting  don’t work for my car manufacturer as the 100s of outsourced parts would be used as a endless excuse for doing anything or actually taking ownership of the issue.


What is it with your hate of canadian players ? We are a majority now ? Sure we are a huge country but our population is far from being huge. Canadian players being a majority in iOS, what a joke. Do you have a screenshot of this ?

Hey MrSchmouck,

Have a nice look…

90% of Android players are banned.

If you want to increase your GK on it then go to DeviceAtlas.

There you can get all your answer.

BTW I have not ever said I hate Canadian players.

I could not reply to this post earliar coz I’m limited by 10 post/day.




Can you hear me now?


Whoa they finally look for a QA guy ? Cool but many also offer to be beta tester, for free but why they said no :slightly_frowning_face: basically the same thing